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The tradition of batik fabric comes from various countries like, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Sri Lanka, and a few more. The range of colors by Navyasfashion will magnetize you to dream further. The wax-resist dyeing method adopted in our batik fabrics makes it unique and appealing to the eyes.

Blue batik fabric is very much in demand. The colors of batik fabrics are durable and vivid. The beautiful combination of light and dark always go well to the imagination. Indian batik fabrics are simply adorable. These have a different look altogether. Check out the variety of online options available by Navyasfashion. Our talented team strives hard to pick the finest handmade designs that you can simply not resist! Batik fabric was once reserved as a sign of royalty. It was used for the brides and grooms.

A batik fabric in your wardrobe is itself a symbol of your classy lifestyle. Make these batik designs your collection on religious occasions. Review our range of products in batik fabric and make a choice of your own. Some of ... Read More..