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Vintage Kantha Quilts

The majority of the population doesn’t know the exact meaning of “kantha throw”. Actually, kantha throw is nothing but a kind of spread made using "mix and match" technique. People also call them, kantha quilts. Traditional in designs, these throws are used in summers as bed spreads and in winters as quilts to keep you warm. NavyasFashion creatively combines different colors and threads to bring the designer kantha quilt collection to its audience. Buy your personal favourite from the kantha throw sale, a limited period offer and flaunt your savings in front of your dear ones. Your trust in us is our confidence and will never break your expectations.

The poppy bright colors and prints of Kantha quilts give a different look to your room. Who doesn’t love the bright and lively environment, especially during chilly winters? The intricate hand stitching of these Asian vintage kantha quilts are true madness to the eyes. To share a fact, Kantha originates from Bangladesh and some Eastern States of India. The skills of these eastern hands know the sunshine of your room pretty well.

One of the major benefits of a Kantha throw is that it requires less effort to drape it before sleeping and roll it in the cupboard after you are awake. Another advantage of buying Kantha throws from NavyaFashion is that these have different patterns on both the sides. It means you don’t really have to struggle to change the look of your bed or bedroom overall.

Blankets and comfort have a close connection together. The Kantha quilts at our store understand this bonding. We pick the best threads and fabrics for making your winters as well as your summers better than before. Check out the various sizes of Kantha quilts for sale at our store. The different sizes work like an eye opener for home décor to all those unnoticed or neglected furniture in your house. For instance, lay a kantha over the arm of your sofa or add some colors to your dull chair. Brighten your living room by tucking a kantha throw around your seat cushions.

There are many others DIY ideas to make use of in your colorful world of kanthas.