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Cotton Scarf

The importance of cotton and cotton scarves can only be felt by the people living in tropical regions. Only they know that how much it is difficult to get out under the burning sun in scorching summers! At that time, cotton scarves can be saviour. Cotton clothes allow the light to pass through and give a better air circulation which makes them popular in summers. A cotton scarf is usually taken by females to protect themself from sunburn and tanning. Besides the saviour nature of cotton scarves, they look stylish as well. A perfect blend of soothing colours and handmade block prints can be seen in cotton scarves at Navyasfashion. People often like white colour in summer. Whether it is due to the scientific nature of white colour to stay cool or it is about its psychological nature, whatever the reason is, the importance of white colour is undeniable. People fond of white cotton scarf must watch out the exclusive designer collection of white cotton scarves at Navyasfashion. We also have an exquisite collection of block printed cotton pareo wraps for cotton lovers.