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Sarees is one of the most popular apparel you will come across in the South-Asian continent region. Especially in regions like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal, you will find women donning beautiful sarees. The art of weaving sarees has been around for hundreds of years in India. When we talk about sarees, the block print sarees have always been popular. Block print sarees and suit materials are the most popular among women. Their color, patterns, and vivid designs make the block print sarees popular amongst all ages of women. The demand for hand block print sarees has made them available at a very affordable rate. It is time to explore the best-in-class collection of block print sarees only at Navyas Fashion.

It is time to drape yourself in the elegant block print sarees

Block print sarees have a unique charm. There is something about the hand block print sarees that makes every woman say, 'Wow'. It is not just the fabric of the saree but the craft of making the cotton block printed sarees that also attracts a lot of eyes. When we say the craft of making the sarees, we mean the method of imprinting blocks on the cotton block printed sarees.

Easily loved for their artistic designs and versatility, the handloom women's sarees have carved a place for themselves in the wardrobe of every Indian woman. The best thing about a block print saree is that you can wear them on any day and for any occasion you want. A block print saree is one such apparel that you can wear to your office or at any casual function or for a get-together with your friends.

The Evolution of Hand-Printed Sarees

You must be aware of the fact that the block printing technique is not a new age thing. It has been there for many centuries. In fact, if historians are to be believed, this technique has been in existence since the time of the Indus Valley Civilization.

As for the technique of block printing on sarees, it is believed that this culture began during the Mughal era. But now, you can find block print sarees crafted out of various fabrics and displaying an incredible range of motifs.

Do you know about some of the famous types of hand block print sarees?

Cotton Block Print Sarees

This needs no introduction. Women of all ages love cotton block print sarees due to their attractive prints and versatile motifs. Summer weather is the one where women love to showcase their fashion in the cotton block print sarees.

Silk Block Printed Sarees

Silk hand block print sarees have a craze of their own. These sarees are a popular choice for festive occasions and casual gatherings alike.

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