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  • What is your winter favourite?

    Since winters are approaching, it is the time to refill your wardrobes with warm yet cool and funky winter wear. It is a well-known saying that nothing other than shopping can change the mood of the females. Shopping is the best refreshment for the ladies especially in sizzling winters. The desire of every girl is to look different from others. No girl wants to copy others or get copied by others. Some takes imitation as compliment but most of the females get irritated on seeing someone copying their dressing styles.

    There are so many styles in which a girl can dress herself in winters. The scarves varying from pashmina to cashmere, all look cool in winters giving you the warmth of woollens. Scarves, shawls and ponchos available at Navyasfashion are light in weight, attractive in looks and warm in nature.

    The softness of pashmina is unavoidable. The world knows about the warmth and softness of pashmina. Whether you need a scarf for work place or you need it for high-profile sophisticated party, pashminas have always been great options. Cashmere and pashmina scarves/ shawls look good with every outfit. Professional to personal styling, everything can be done with a single knot.

    But sometimes girls feel awkward in carrying shawls. They consider them as the attire for big ladies and avoid carrying them. For them, Navyasfashion brings exclusively designed cotton quilted jackets. These jackets are made from cotton fabric and thus are very light weight. The double sided nature of these block print cotton quilted jacket is worth consideration. No one can take off the eyes from the attractive colours and block print designs. The perfect blend of bright colours and traditional block printing gives it girlish look making it desirable in everygirl’s wardrobe.

    The best thing about the quilted jackets is that they have block printing on it thus giving an essence of traditional art form of Jaipur. Since ages, Jaipur has been known for its rich heritage and culture. The Indian block printing is done manually which adds its own value to the stuff. On wearing these jackets for once, no one can deny the fact that they are actually worth buying.

    If you are one of a kind who loves India and Indian heritage, than definitely give a try to pashmina, cashmere shawls and scarves which are the speciality of the paradise on the Earth, Kashmir and to block print cotton quilted jackets which are the speciality of the pink city, Jaipur (Rajasthan).

  • What Makes Indian Cotton Fabric Different

    Fashion is something without which a woman can’t survive. Whether it is a work place or a rocking theme party, women always get well-dressed with suitable fashion accessories and properly done hair. No woman exists on this planet who doesn’t like pampering herself. Almost 30% of the total lifetime, a woman spends seeing herself in the mirror. Fashionable clothing is the inevitable part of the life of the women.

    Generally people mix the two terms- fashion and style. Fashion is all about the latest clothing and accessories while the style is all about carrying yourself creating your own fashion statement. Fashion can be inherited or copied from someone but style is created by oneself.A person with style can carry a simple outfit with grace and attitude.

    Everyone lives life but living a life with creativity gives meaning to the life. Simple outfit if just worn may look boring but the same outfit if accessorized and worn creatively in different way may look exciting. Block print fabric is the best example of this.A handmade block print fabric looks simple but it can be used in various forms and styles.

    If a lady without style wears an outfit made from block print fabric, what all she can wear- a salwar kameez suit. But a person with creativity and style will definitely go for experimenting different types of outfits from block print fabric. One can make cotton quilted jackets or can make designer dresses by highlighting the block printing on the fabric.

    The mesmerizing Indian block printing on the fabric used in making quilted jacket for women can steal anyone’s heart. The biggest advantage of wearing cotton quilted jackets is that they are light weight and gives the warmth of woollen jacket. Also, both the sides of the jackets are made of cotton fabric which makes them wearable from both the sides. A single jacket can be used as two different jackets. Besides this, cotton quilted jackets can be worn on any occasion, at any place varying from office to shopping to parties.

    In fact the usage of Indian cotton fabric is not limited to clothing; it can also be used to make table cloths and napkins. Block print napkins look inspired from traditional India and lasts long. So we can say that do not just copy fashion, create your own style and invent a new style of clothing.

  • Top 12 Trending Shirt Fabrics

    Determination of fabric assumes the most essential part in the shirt making procedure. The fit and solace of the shirt generally relies on the fabric type. The fabric determination is basically delineated by the climatic conditions and by the wearer.It is not necessary that each fabric suits to everybody. To help you in selecting the best fabric for you, beneath is some essential data about varieties of fabrics:

    • Burn-Out Fabric: The making of burn-out fabric is a task whose trick lies in the system of burning out of the fabric. Designer patterns are composed by the fabric architects and embellished on the fabric.Filaments of thick fabrics, for example, rayon, velvet and silk are burnt in designer patterns. Thick fabric stuff is not prudent to wear in summers because of its thickness.

    • Combed Cotton: Traditional cotton in its refined structure is given a name "combed cotton". This sort of cotton is given a phenomenal treatment starting from swinging to the time it transforms into a usable settling in shirt era.Combed cotton being light-weighted with gentler nature is suitable for delicate skin. Despite being lavish, its domination makes it popular.

    • Jersey Fabric: It is sew bolt accepted for its comfort, adjustable and contraction safe nature. First and foremost, it was fabricated from the absolute but with the advancing circumstance, cotton, wool and advised strands have replaced the complete wool.

    • Linen Fabric:Linen fabric is delivered utilizing the cellulose fiber whose principal source is the stalks of the flax plant. 100% linen fabric is the most trustworthy and persevering fabric.Linen fabric is the most well-known summer amicable fabric which is utilized as a part of making accommodating shirts, Nehru neckline and mandarin neckline shirts. Explore linen fabric shopping by the yard on the web.

    • Modal Fabric:Modular fabric is the manufactured fabric which experiences the preparing of cellulose filaments. It is sensitive, shading skilled, pleasant and exceedingly retentive. The crisp, cool and sans wrinkle nature grants it to be used as a piece of shirt gathering.

    • Cotton Fabric: The seeds of cotton plants are surrounded by cotton balls and are the fundamental wellspring of strands for cotton fabric. The washing of cotton fabric does not influence the fabric shine, unlike other fabrics. India is the second biggest maker of this delicate, breathable fabric, which makes Indian cotton fabric, the most dependable and less expensive one. You can purchase cotton fabric by the yard for making cool, sweat retaining cotton shirts.

    • Block Print Fabric: Designer hand block prints are the customary type of workmanship, which looks delightful when done on cotton fabric. It is the forte of India where natural colors are utilized in the fabric designing. Block prints are the genuine cool in summers. Both male and female can wear these just sharp block print fabric shirts in hot summers.

    • Pima Fabric: One of the ideal cotton mixes is pima fabric. The strength and retentive nature of the fabric are unquestionable which makes it well known in winters. It is a human-made fabric thicker than other cotton fabrics, making it more solid. These regular shirts are great decision for both men and ladies in winters.

    • Polyester: The most unfavorable fabric to be worn in summers is polyester fabric. Because of the sweating way of polyester fabric, its ease of use is all the more in winters. The substance, scraped spot and stretch safe nature of the 100% polyester fabric is worth thought. The accessibility of polyester fabric outlines online is boundless and one can purchase them in exceptionally shoddy costs. Shirts of polyester fabric are unisexual and can be worn by both the sexual orientations. Continue reading

  • Pashmina Scarves at NavyasFashion

    A. What is Pashmina? First time woven in Kashmir, Pashmina is the finest type of Cashmere wool. Pashmina wool comes from Pashmina Goat, named Chyangra. It is a special breed of goat indigenous to high altitudes of Indian Himalayas, Nepal and Pakistan.

    B. How pashmina scarves are made? The Pashmina Making Process includes following steps:

    1. Wool Collection The process is started by gathering the wool from Chyangra (Capra Hircus) goat. The process of collecting pashmina wool is undertaken every spring. At that point the delicate fine pashmina is differentiated from the thick coarse hair. What's more, both the delicate pashmina and the thick coarse hair are taken for their further process.

    2. Spinning An amazing process to watch, hand-spinning is an extremely painstaking task which requires immense patience, dexterity and commitment. The process begins with spinning the yarn on ‘Charkha’, a spinning wheel. Prior to spinning, crude material is dealt with by extending and cleaning it to uproot any earth and doused for a couple of days in a mixture of rice and water to make it softer.

    3. Weaving Pashmina yarn is excessively delicate for the vibration brought on by power looms, the weaving of the customary 100% pashmina shawls are hence done by weavers. It is key for the weaver to have a uniform hand for 'second to none' fabric. Weaving here is finished with a van bringing the delicate pashmina yarn through the fine yet solid silk twist. The weaving procedure is in itself a craftsmanship, which has been ignored down eras, to issue you the awesome shawls and scarves, which NavyasFashion offer. It takes around four days to weave a solitary pashmina scarf. The weaving of pashmina items contrast as per Continue reading

  • Jaipur Rugs Look Beautiful On All Types of Flooring

    As we all know, Jaipur Rugs and Carpets do not need any words to define their beauty. Their mesmerizing and unique designs speak themselves. All-over layout of tiny natural motifs such as plants, palmettes, rosettes and leaves in beautiful small and detailed designs carry a flavor of eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Jaipur Rugs are usually designed with a glimpse of dark colors such as brown, grey and black. These rugs are mostly coordinated to suit the western taste and suit almost all types of flooring. Here are some combinations of floorings and Jaipur Rugs from a well known Jaipur Rugs Company- Navyas Fashion:

    1. Laminate Flooring

    Laminate Flooring constitutes man-made planks that can be made to look like any type of flooring. They are almost indistinguishable with hardwood flooring and are much cheaper. It doesn't need much care and is easy to maintain. On this kind of flooring, from lighter to darker, all kinds of Jaipur Rugs look beautiful. Whether it is a light colored rug in the first image or a multicolored rug in the second, both look enticingly beautiful. You can buy rugs online at very low price.

    2. Hardwood Flooring

    Hardwood flooring is the best option for the fans of wood. This kind of flooring is made from hardwoods and looks warm and inviting. They have a glow that no other flooring can capture and are much durable. Though this flooring is little expensive but their mesmerizing looks and maintenance compensates it all. Continue reading

  • How do you wear your favourite Cashmere and Pashmina Scarves?

    1. Tube Cashmere scarf like Blake Lively

    To tie a tube cashmere scarf women like Blake Lively, you just need to follow few simple steps: • Create a large loop by tying the ends of the scarf. • Situate the neck at the back and hang the loop over your neck. • Hide the knot by twisting and layering the scarf twice or thrice, over your head.

    2. Long 100% Pashmina Scarf like Nicole Ritchie

    • Fold the scarf in the half and drape it around the neck. • Pull one end of the 100% Pashmina scarf through the loop. • Little twist and turn in the loop. • Take other end through the loop. Continue reading

  • Silk Scarves – A Boon to Each Fashion Keen Woman

    Fashion trend analysts all around the world believe that silk scarves for women give them a sexy and glamorous touch. This kind of product is a classic hallmark of being stylish and graceful. When you look to Indian silk scarves then you will find that they are made up of 100% pure silk fabric. These scarves are a class of luxury and always in demand all over the globe. They have been the symbol of great looks and style for last several years. If you are trying to appear something different or have a date with your fiancée, our superb assortment of high eminence scarves will make an appearance of yours to rival that of trend paragons of various countries around the world.

    We have the trend analysts that make the fashion styles very attractive and sophisticated. With several qualities of such kind of asset, we deliver some extraordinary patterns to all the fashion- keen women. Such qualities are listed below here:

    Style for every time – We have the products that suits every juncture of whole day whether it is daytime or evening or night. It’s not so simple to have such kind of assortment that comprises of shades and glamour which are not generally found in bulk generated pieces.

    Designs – Designs are the most important factor to determine the class of the products. We have the high range of products that have different designs. They have the latent capacity to satisfy everybody’s need.

    Color Range – You can simply select any color to match the outfit that you wear or want to wear. Dress combination is the prior need of each woman and they want every single thing to be matched with the outfits even a nail-paint.

    If want a look of sober personality or elegance just keep your eye on such kind of latest designer silk scarves. Little black dresses give a fantastic touch with such kind of silk scarves. People who generally belong to fashion weeks can easily select designs as they would complement their costumes perfectly. Stunning looks can be simply achieved by this unmatchable stuff.

  • What Wikipedia Can't Tell You About Handmade Rugs

    Famed all over the world, Indian handmade rugs are appreciated for their exquisite beauty and authentic designs. With many world famous things into its account, India holds a top position in manufacturing and export of rugs and carpets also. Embracing the rich beauty of Indian culture and traditions, there are many exclusive features of the handmade rugs that make them best in the world. Here is a list of 10 true things about that not even Wikipedia would tell you about:

    1. Alluring designs: Carrying the true expressions of our culture and traditions, the handmade rugs from India can vary from being uniquely modern to classical vintage. The fantastic range of Persian designs, Mughal art, conventional motifs, floral patterns, mural designs and contemporary touch places put Indian rugs on top position in global Carpet market.

    2. Unmatched essence of enticing craftsmanship: Indian carpet and rug industry is best known for hand knotted and handmade rugs and carpets. It is the number of knots per square inch that measures the quality of a hand knotted rug. Thus, it is not only the creativity of weavers but also their hard work that makes Indian hand knotted rugs stand apart from the league.

    3. Adorable quality promises long lasting durability: Besides intricate designs and vibrant color schemes, handmade rugs are also known for their lifelong and reliable quality material. The timeless sophistication and elegance of handmade rugs from India can be accounted to the use of fine, natural and lustrous woolen and silk thread.

    4. Power of customization: Offering best of their services, Rugs industry works on the concept of “customer is the king of market”. Thus, a buyer of a rug enjoys the power of customization. From size and shape to color and pattern, a customer can ask for any kind of a change that he wants in his piece.

    5. Offer best “Value for money” proposition: The attracting price deals that handmade rugs industry offers in the global market are undoubtedly unbeatable. The kind of quality that an end user gets from market at so reasonable prices is attracting the pockets of overseas market also.

    6. Inimitable chores of weavers: Spending hundreds of restless days and nights on a carpet weaving looms, it is the hard work and fine workmanship of carpet weavers that can easily be seen and appreciated in the beauty of any Indian hand knotted rug and carpet. On an average one standard size carpet would take from 3-4 months to make and it can go upto one year depending upon size and design.

    7. Characterization of India’s beautiful history and rich tradition: Portraying the accents of true India with unusual color palette combinations, Indian rugs are best known for their sublime beauty of Persian and Mughal touch of art. It is the antique presentation of royalty on these handmade rugs that make them a premium choice among clients and customers.

    8. Charm of their timeless beauty: The expressional glory of Indian rugs gives them a timeless beauty. Reliable quality, beautiful designs and patterns and the perfectly fine and minute workmanship are some of the attributes that enhances the delicacy of these handmade rugs.

    9. There is one of its own kind to match your all kind of interiors: Give your space a command of royal interiors by picking a right rug from India. From sophistication to royalty, elegance to subtleness and warmth to drama; a right pick of rug can surely add a much needed texture to your spaces . 10. Adds palatial royalty to your spaces: Hang them as a tapestry or layer them on your floor, Indian rugs can be used in both ways. From decades, these handmade rugs have been used graciously as an important interior element to give your spaces a touch of royalty.


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