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  • Go Contemporary With Florals!

    Spring brings fresh energy in the environment and so is done by the floral prints. Florals have always been the first choice of designers. The style that suits on everyone in every season is floral. Its captivating colours and attractive prints can leave anyone spell-bound. The usability of floral print fabric is endless. Along with the clothes for ladies like salwar suits, palazzo, kurtis; dresses for kids and men can also be designed. From beautiful frocks for small girls to cool trousers for men, anything can be made with these fabrics. The only thing you need to do is the correct selection of the type and print of fabric.

    The floral prints can be divided into two categories- smaller prints and bigger prints. Before designing any outfit, it is very important to recognize the type of print which suits you the best. Not every print looks good on everyone. If you are huge in size; then you should go with the smaller prints. The small closely located flowers make you look thinner. In case, if you have skinny-kind of physique than choose the fabric with bigger print. It will make you look thicker.

    The fabric selection is also very important task. No outfit can give the desired lookwithout selecting the correct fabric.Indian fabric has always been popular category in which huge variety of flower prints can be found. Indian fabric is a generic category which comprises of cotton fabric, polyester fabric, silk, wool and many other fabrics. The selection of fabric completely depends on the individual’s comfort level. All types of Indian fabrics are available by the yard.

    Indian cotton fabric with flower printsis the choice of maximum population. It gives you the perfect blend of comfort and style. You can also mix different fabrics with the printed ones to give a designer look to your dress. Either use a patch of flower print fabric in a plain dress or use a patch of plain fabric in a floral dress, both looks mesmerizing. Even the floral accessories like headbands and scarves are quite in these days. For designing your personal stuff, you can buy the cotton fabric by the yard. Buy the piece of fabric of your choice and mould it into the way you want. This is what professional designers do.

    Let your imagination fly and come out with your own designer collection. Go contemporary with floral prints this summer and surprise yourself and your dear ones with your new looks.

  • Maintain Your Cottons in Few Simple Steps

    Exit of winters and entrance of summers is the welcoming alarm for cotton clothes. No fabric is as cool and breathable in summers as Indian cotton fabric. The cotton clothes have undeniably taken the place of essentials in summers. These clothes are not only comfortable but also give you a classy and appealing look. These are the reasons behind the increasing popularity and use of cottons in different types of dresses.

    In summers, this comfortable fabric is used in making short dresses, sarongs, scarves, skirts, shirts, tops and other Indian traditional outfits. Every time you wear your favorite cotton dress, it feels on top of the world to get compliments from your colleagues and friends. And you will definitely not like to stop yourself from wearing your favorite dress because of its faded colors or shine. Here are some easy tricks which can help you in making your cotton outfits look fresh and new, every time you wear:

    • Do not wear cotton fabric in rains or winters.

    • Dry cleaning is the best way to maintain the cotton fibers. But in case you do not want to dry clean your cotton fabrics, keep the following suggestions in mind to maintain the longevity:

     Avoid machine wash. The delicacy of Indian cotton fabric clothes need hand wash for its maintenance.

     If you want to wash your clothes in machine, than do not forget to separate the heavy weight or dyed clothes from the sensitive light weight cotton fabric attires.

     While using machine wash, choose cold water setting and appropriate spin cycle to avoid tear and shrinkage.

     Use tumble dry and fold them as soon as they are dried. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight for longer time period to avoid fading of colors.

     In case of any type of deep stains, pre-soak the cotton in some stain wash detergents before washing.

    • Use steam ironing or high temperature while ironing cotton clothes to get the wrinkles out.

    • Keep your dresses away from alkaline perfumes in order to avoid any type of self-stained patches. Also, pay extra attention to the sweat accumulating areas like underarms and neck.

    • You can take risk of keeping cheap cotton fabric anywhere but do not keep expensive cotton fabrics in hot places. Store them in cold dry places to increase their life span.

    • Good airing is recommended for the fabrics. Take your cottons out for airing time to time.

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