Go Beach in Celebrity Style!

Sarongs or Wraps commonly known as Pareo Wraps have been in the trend since years. Women like pareo sarongs not only for their comfortable nature but also for the glam added to the look when carried properly. Even the celebrities can’t keep them away from the refreshingly cool looks of sarongs. Since celebrities follow hectic schedules in their daily lives, so they want comfort on their vacations. They want to be in their original looks without heavy make-ups and dresses. Celebrities love to hang around on beaches in summers. And no one can deny the fact that the most comfortable outfit to wear in summers especially on beaches is pareo wrap.

The thing which adds to the comfort of sarongs is the use of Indian cotton fabric. A huge variety of fabrics can be found in the market but the Indian cotton fabric is liked the most in summers. The cotton thread has the nature to absorb sweat and allows passing the air through the fabric which maintains air circulation and body temperature. Along with the fabric, you can select cool colors in summers to keep you fresh and lively every time. Light color cotton sarongs are the best choice for hot shiny summers.

Since now we have only discussed about the comfort nature of sarongs but along with it, these wraps look stylish too. Pareos and sarongs can be worn in various styles. Some of the styles in which they can be wrapped are: 1. Halter Dress with a Twist 2. One Shoulder Dress 3. Harem Jumpsuit 4. Halter Dress with a Knot 5. Strapless Dress (also called a Tube Dress) 6. Maxi (Long) Skirt 7. Mini Skirt 8. Long Wrap Skirt 9. Side Slit Dress 10. Cascade Bandeau Dress 11. Toga Dress

It is not necessary to wear sarongs as an outfit on beach only. If you like sarongs and want to wear them in party or at sophisticated places, you can carry them as an accessory too. Headwraps and headbands tied from sarongs look immensely stylish and out of the league. Many celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Rihanna, Paris Hilton, The Kardashians, Jessica Alba, Beyonce Knowles have been known for their sarong styles. The use of pareo wrap is not limited to females. Even the male celebrities like David Beckham, Bradley Cooper, Johnny Depp, many more have shown their interest in this cool outfit.

So if you are planning holidays this summer than, don’t forget to add sizzling sexy colorful cotton pareo sarongs in your wardrobes!

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