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  • What makes Ikat different from other fabrics?

    Change is the law of nature and women implement this law very well. Every human being especially women want something new and different every time they dress up. They get bored of fabrics very quickly. Usually people used to wear cotton fabrics with block prints or “tie and dyes” in summers but as rightly said, something different was needed by the women after certain time which laid to the formation of Ikat fabric. This fabric is nothing but a uniquely hand dyed and woven fabric. Though it is one of the oldest forms of textile designing but it is still favourite among the ladies.

    While preparing other hand-made fabrics like “tie and dye” or “block print”, firstly the fabric is woven and then it is dyed in the desired pattern. Like in “tie and die”, we tie different types of knots of the already woven fabric and then die it into different colors. Or while preparing handmade block print fabric, fabric is tied onto the table or some base and then the printing is done by using blocks dipped in various colors. The common thing between these types of fabrics is the process of first weaving the fabrics and then dyeing them to get the required patterns.

    What makes Ikat different from other fabrics is its making technique! Ikat print fabric making is comparatively tough and laborious process than other handmade fabrics. Its making involves the reverse process of first dyeing and then weaving. In this, firstly the individual yarns or the bundle of yarns of thread are bound tightly in the desired patterns. The patterns are created by using dye resistant rubber bands in order to avoid any kind of exposure to colors in the particular area. Then, these yarns of threads are dyed. Different colors and patterns can be used while implementing the dyeing process. After getting the yarns dried up, the elastic bands are removed which leaves behind the white spaces. The most interesting part of the Ikat making is that these pattern-dyed yarns of threads are woven into fabric later which is completely the contrary process of other fabric makings.

    Also, there are types of ikat fabrics such as warp, weft and double ikat (a blend of warp and weft). All three of them involve unique dyeing and weaving techniques.

  • New Cool In the Market- IKAT FABRIC

    Looking best is the desire of every women. Every woman loves to seek importance and flaunt her style. In one form or the other, every lady on this planet wishes to look different from others. No woman likes to copy and every time she dresses-up, she wants something new. To get so-many “new”, it is important to experiment with the existing fabrics.

    Since naturally available fabrics are limited, fabrics are blended with other materials to produce variants of fabric. Even the dyeing techniques used to color a fabric vary largely. Depending upon the requirement, dyeing technique is employed. One of the techniques called resist dyeing technique is used to produce ikat fabric.The characteristic which makes ikat fabric different from the league is the “blurriness” to the design. Vibrant colors and complicated patterns complement the fabric and hence the prices. The hand woven complex patterns with multiple colors add value to the ikat print fabric. Mostly it is difficult to find original ikat fabric by the yard, so one can buy ikat fabrics online. The variety and price of ikat fabrics available online is incomparable.

    Besides ikat, linen and block print fabric are also great options for dressing. Use cotton naturally or blend it with other fibres, it always look graceful and block printing on cotton fabric is just like the “icing on the cake”. The hand-made block printing is the speciality of India, especially Jaipur. The use of chilling colors and traditional patterns can’t go unnoticed. A small glance of fabric leaves deep impression on the mind and the heart. The comfort of 100% linen fabric and cotton fabric is unbeatable which makes them more popular in the areas with sizzling hot summers.

    Since now, we have only talked about the variations in fabric that can be done. But differentiation is not limited to the type of fabric. One can also go for the variation in the types of stitching of dresses. Often people think that use of traditional fabrics is limited to stitching of suits and ethnic dresses. But on thinking out of the box, you can make western dresses too by using these fabrics. One-pieces, sarongs, skirts, quilted jackets look elegant and different when stitched by using ikat or block print fabric. So, if you wish to look stylishly different, options are many, you just have to pick the right one for you.

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