Learn about Made-In-India Fabrics!

I always wonder that how different kinds of fabrics are made. The techniques behind the making of handmade block print and ikat fabrics are commendable. It is completely beyond imagination that how a simple plain thread is converted to beautiful ikat fabric after processing. The way the different types of handmade fabrics are made is worth watching. Below are the making processes of some of the handmade fabrics:

Block Print Fabric:
The making process of handmade block print fabrics requires plain fabric (mostly cotton is used), designer wooden blocks, and colors. In this process, the running fabric is first stretched and tied over a table in order to avoid any crimples. The process is followed by dipping a wooden block in the platter of thick liquid colors. Different wooden blocks are created for different designs. The design is taken onto the fabric by stamping the colored blocks. The same process is repeated until the fabric is completely printed. It is a widely used technique in India which has gained popularity outside India with time. The people outside India are very fond of these prints and love to shop handmade fabrics from India.

Tie and Die Fabric:

The technique behind its making lies in its name. It involves tieing and than dyeing a fabric. In this process, small knots are tied all around the fabric. These knots prevent the fabric from absorbing colors. The fabric with knots tied on it is than dyed in different colors. After dyeing, the cloth is left to dry. As soon as the fabric gets dried, the knots are opened thus leaving behind beautiful texture which is called tie and die print. It can have multiple variations depending upon the number and type of knots tied on the fabric. One of the most famous variation in tie and die fabric is shivori.

Ikat Fabric:
It is the most difficult process of fabric creation. In other fabrics, the fabric was made available and then it was processed to create different designs. But the technique in the creation of ikat fabric lays in the making process of fabric which results to varied patterns in the fabric. In this process, the bundles of threads are first tied and died. These bundles are tied in various patterns by using elastic bands which prevent the particular space from dyeing. This leaves the spaces as uncoloured and hence a unique pattern is created. These thread bundles are woven into fabric which is called ikat fabric. The ikat fabrics are comparatively expensive than other Indian fabrics but it carry its own richness.

These are only a few fabrics which are made in India and have always been the speciality of the country. Besides them, there are many other prints like ajrakh, kalamkari, paisley for which India has always been known. You can find ample of handmade Indian fabrics at Navyasfashion at cheap costs.

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