What Makes Indian Cotton Fabric Different

Fashion is something without which a woman can’t survive. Whether it is a work place or a rocking theme party, women always get well-dressed with suitable fashion accessories and properly done hair. No woman exists on this planet who doesn’t like pampering herself. Almost 30% of the total lifetime, a woman spends seeing herself in the mirror. Fashionable clothing is the inevitable part of the life of the women.

Generally people mix the two terms- fashion and style. Fashion is all about the latest clothing and accessories while the style is all about carrying yourself creating your own fashion statement. Fashion can be inherited or copied from someone but style is created by oneself.A person with style can carry a simple outfit with grace and attitude.

Everyone lives life but living a life with creativity gives meaning to the life. Simple outfit if just worn may look boring but the same outfit if accessorized and worn creatively in different way may look exciting. Block print fabric is the best example of this.A handmade block print fabric looks simple but it can be used in various forms and styles.

If a lady without style wears an outfit made from block print fabric, what all she can wear- a salwar kameez suit. But a person with creativity and style will definitely go for experimenting different types of outfits from block print fabric. One can make cotton quilted jackets or can make designer dresses by highlighting the block printing on the fabric.

The mesmerizing Indian block printing on the fabric used in making quilted jacket for women can steal anyone’s heart. The biggest advantage of wearing cotton quilted jackets is that they are light weight and gives the warmth of woollen jacket. Also, both the sides of the jackets are made of cotton fabric which makes them wearable from both the sides. A single jacket can be used as two different jackets. Besides this, cotton quilted jackets can be worn on any occasion, at any place varying from office to shopping to parties.

In fact the usage of Indian cotton fabric is not limited to clothing; it can also be used to make table cloths and napkins. Block print napkins look inspired from traditional India and lasts long. So we can say that do not just copy fashion, create your own style and invent a new style of clothing.

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