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  • Go Contemporary With Florals!

    Spring brings fresh energy in the environment and so is done by the floral prints. Florals have always been the first choice of designers. The style that suits on everyone in every season is floral. Its captivating colours and attractive prints can leave anyone spell-bound. The usability of floral print fabric is endless. Along with the clothes for ladies like salwar suits, palazzo, kurtis; dresses for kids and men can also be designed. From beautiful frocks for small girls to cool trousers for men, anything can be made with these fabrics. The only thing you need to do is the correct selection of the type and print of fabric.

    The floral prints can be divided into two categories- smaller prints and bigger prints. Before designing any outfit, it is very important to recognize the type of print which suits you the best. Not every print looks good on everyone. If you are huge in size; then you should go with the smaller prints. The small closely located flowers make you look thinner. In case, if you have skinny-kind of physique than choose the fabric with bigger print. It will make you look thicker.

    The fabric selection is also very important task. No outfit can give the desired lookwithout selecting the correct fabric.Indian fabric has always been popular category in which huge variety of flower prints can be found. Indian fabric is a generic category which comprises of cotton fabric, polyester fabric, silk, wool and many other fabrics. The selection of fabric completely depends on the individual’s comfort level. All types of Indian fabrics are available by the yard.

    Indian cotton fabric with flower printsis the choice of maximum population. It gives you the perfect blend of comfort and style. You can also mix different fabrics with the printed ones to give a designer look to your dress. Either use a patch of flower print fabric in a plain dress or use a patch of plain fabric in a floral dress, both looks mesmerizing. Even the floral accessories like headbands and scarves are quite in these days. For designing your personal stuff, you can buy the cotton fabric by the yard. Buy the piece of fabric of your choice and mould it into the way you want. This is what professional designers do.

    Let your imagination fly and come out with your own designer collection. Go contemporary with floral prints this summer and surprise yourself and your dear ones with your new looks.

  • Even the Men like to Look Stylish!

    Earlier only women were considered stylish and trendy. All the dressing styles, fashion and accessories were tried to link with the ladies. Only women used stylize themselves according to the on-going trends and were given importance. From classy hair-do to fashionable foot wears, only ladies used to spend their time and money on their looks. At that time, the men trying to do something different were considered as a subject of mocking. This shallow orthodox thinking never gave confidence to men to try new styles. Their clothing style was limited to shirts, trousers, ethnic, jeans and t-shirts. Even the shirting style was limited to simple collared necks. The availability of fabrics was nothing more than cotton, hosiery, linen and that too in plain or self-textured patterns.

    But the time has brought a revolutionary change in the dressing style of men. The contribution of cinema cannot be ignored in making the men, stylish. Now even the men like trying something new every time when they dress up. Their demand for different types of clothing has divided the wardrobes into ethnic, official, party and casual wear. The ethnic type of dressing includes kurta-pyjama, dhoti or other traditional forms which are worn occasionally. The official wear includes formals comprising of trousers and shirts along with the blazers and ties. Even in the formal shirts, the variety has been created by creating the divides on the basis of fabrics used. Now-a-days, the range of shirting fabricavailable in the market is extremely huge. You can’t stop yourself from buying cotton shirting fabric from navyasfashion. Their prices, quality and designs especially of egyptian cotton fabric is inevitable.A party wear wardrobe has been created separately for men in which all types of linen fabric shirts, mandarin collar shirts, nehru collar shirts and jackets are included.In winters, wool fabric is used to make formal as well as party wear blazers.

    The styling is not confined to only clothes. The attitude and the way a man carries himself plays very important role in the overall fashioning. Expensive shoes, concentration on detailing, perfect matching pair of ties and cufflinks are certain traits that are found inevery trendy man. One more thing that greatly compliments the looks of men is the perfect hair style. Hair-do according to the face cut and personality leaves a long lasting impression on the mind of a person to whom he meets.

  • What makes Ikat different from other fabrics?

    Change is the law of nature and women implement this law very well. Every human being especially women want something new and different every time they dress up. They get bored of fabrics very quickly. Usually people used to wear cotton fabrics with block prints or “tie and dyes” in summers but as rightly said, something different was needed by the women after certain time which laid to the formation of Ikat fabric. This fabric is nothing but a uniquely hand dyed and woven fabric. Though it is one of the oldest forms of textile designing but it is still favourite among the ladies.

    While preparing other hand-made fabrics like “tie and dye” or “block print”, firstly the fabric is woven and then it is dyed in the desired pattern. Like in “tie and die”, we tie different types of knots of the already woven fabric and then die it into different colors. Or while preparing handmade block print fabric, fabric is tied onto the table or some base and then the printing is done by using blocks dipped in various colors. The common thing between these types of fabrics is the process of first weaving the fabrics and then dyeing them to get the required patterns.

    What makes Ikat different from other fabrics is its making technique! Ikat print fabric making is comparatively tough and laborious process than other handmade fabrics. Its making involves the reverse process of first dyeing and then weaving. In this, firstly the individual yarns or the bundle of yarns of thread are bound tightly in the desired patterns. The patterns are created by using dye resistant rubber bands in order to avoid any kind of exposure to colors in the particular area. Then, these yarns of threads are dyed. Different colors and patterns can be used while implementing the dyeing process. After getting the yarns dried up, the elastic bands are removed which leaves behind the white spaces. The most interesting part of the Ikat making is that these pattern-dyed yarns of threads are woven into fabric later which is completely the contrary process of other fabric makings.

    Also, there are types of ikat fabrics such as warp, weft and double ikat (a blend of warp and weft). All three of them involve unique dyeing and weaving techniques.

  • Simple Tricks to Maintain Indian Dhurrie Rugs!

    It is quite easy to buy something but very difficult to maintain it. Rugs are one of the most expensive home décor items. The rugs and carpets are smart way of adding beauty to the interiors of the home. People research a lot before buying any rug or carpet. And since they invest so much of time and money in purchasing a single piece, the floor coverings are closer to the hearts of the home owners.

    Once you buy a rug, it takes lot of time to replace them with the new ones. We understand the feelings of our customers, and that is why we have come up with this blog to help you in maintaining your favourite carpets and cotton rugs for long time. Accidents are not planned and therefore any type of mishap may happen with your rug any time. The technology has opened the numerous ways to wash and clean your carpet within few minutes and dry it off to make it ready to use within an hour. Here are some easy home friendly tips to clean your Indian cotton rugs:

    • Spills stain the most: Using carpet cleaner is the best way to deal with the spills but you don’t have one, immediately soak up as much spill as you can with the help of kitchen roll.Warning: don’t rub the stain as it will deepen the liquid into the threads of the cotton rugs.

    • Don’t wash Rugs directly: Vacuuming is advised before washing cotton dhurrie rugs. Vacuuming absorbs most of the dirt particles which may get heavy after soaking water, if washed directly. So avoid washing Indian cotton rugs without vacuuming.

    • Choose your carpet cleaner wisely: Most of the times, it is very tempting to use new cleaners but experiment may land you in trouble. Cleaning solutions differ from thread to thread. One which suits cotton rugs may not suit wool or silk rug. Use recommended carpet cleaners as they are prone to allergies, and avoid excessive foam formation to protect the threads of your cotton dhurrie.

    • Pre-treatment is advisable: In case of heavy or deep stains, it is advisable to pre-treat your rugs with safe stain solutions. Before starting with regular carpet cleaning process, take help of pre-treatment kits to break down any kind of heavy staining.

    • Use parallel cleaning:Indian dhurrie rugs are recommended to be cleaned by using parallel overlapping strokes to avoid streaking. For the best results, maintain steadiness in cleaning.

    • Wash Regularly: Maintain regular time intervals between the consecutive washings. Even if you vacuum regularly, don’t leave your dhurrie rugs unwashed for long. It will accumulate the dirt particles to its base which will become very difficult to clean later.

    Source: Navyasfashion

  • Maintain Your Cottons in Few Simple Steps

    Exit of winters and entrance of summers is the welcoming alarm for cotton clothes. No fabric is as cool and breathable in summers as Indian cotton fabric. The cotton clothes have undeniably taken the place of essentials in summers. These clothes are not only comfortable but also give you a classy and appealing look. These are the reasons behind the increasing popularity and use of cottons in different types of dresses.

    In summers, this comfortable fabric is used in making short dresses, sarongs, scarves, skirts, shirts, tops and other Indian traditional outfits. Every time you wear your favorite cotton dress, it feels on top of the world to get compliments from your colleagues and friends. And you will definitely not like to stop yourself from wearing your favorite dress because of its faded colors or shine. Here are some easy tricks which can help you in making your cotton outfits look fresh and new, every time you wear:

    • Do not wear cotton fabric in rains or winters.

    • Dry cleaning is the best way to maintain the cotton fibers. But in case you do not want to dry clean your cotton fabrics, keep the following suggestions in mind to maintain the longevity:

     Avoid machine wash. The delicacy of Indian cotton fabric clothes need hand wash for its maintenance.

     If you want to wash your clothes in machine, than do not forget to separate the heavy weight or dyed clothes from the sensitive light weight cotton fabric attires.

     While using machine wash, choose cold water setting and appropriate spin cycle to avoid tear and shrinkage.

     Use tumble dry and fold them as soon as they are dried. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight for longer time period to avoid fading of colors.

     In case of any type of deep stains, pre-soak the cotton in some stain wash detergents before washing.

    • Use steam ironing or high temperature while ironing cotton clothes to get the wrinkles out.

    • Keep your dresses away from alkaline perfumes in order to avoid any type of self-stained patches. Also, pay extra attention to the sweat accumulating areas like underarms and neck.

    • You can take risk of keeping cheap cotton fabric anywhere but do not keep expensive cotton fabrics in hot places. Store them in cold dry places to increase their life span.

    • Good airing is recommended for the fabrics. Take your cottons out for airing time to time.

  • Why to use Tapestry Wall Hangings to decorate your walls?

    Shelter is something which is required by every living being in the whole universe. Home protects you from rain, sun, wind, cold and other climatic conditions. Even the animals make the shelter or home for their living but the thing that makes it different from the homes of human being is the intellectual mind. A human being is given the capability to customize, to decorate his surroundings. A structure of bricks and cement is just a house but the feelings and emotions land up in decorate the house converts it into a beautiful home.

    It is the reality of the planet that people have different statuses and financial conditions. Some belong to poor while some to rich class. There exists one more class in between the two known as middle class. People belonging to poor class don’t have enough money to invest in the decoration of their homes and the rich people don’t have to think before spending money on the decoration of their homes. They can buy anything and everything whatever they like. But the most of the problems are faced by the middle class people. They can’t spend life like poor but can’t spend much like rich. They have to manage their budget at every single step and have to maintain the standard of living also. For such people it is very difficult to afford expensive paintings and other decorative. For them Indian Wall Hangings are great options.

    People with modern choices and with traditional taste, both like Tapestry wall hangings. A glimpse of bright colors and graphics of wildlife takes these hangings to another level. The traditional cum modern wall hanging tapestry adds beauty to the wall. These hangings are perfectly sized to cover the walls proportionately. Tapestry wall hangings showcase the love of human beings towards the nature. Usually they consist of peacocks, elephants, birds, plants which make us realize the importance of flora and fauna in our lives.

    The best thing about the Indian Tapestry Wall Hanging is its inexpensiveness. These hangings are quite budget-friendly and anyone can afford them. You can buy a sufficient size beautiful tapestry hanging in the range varying from INR 2000 to INR 10000. These hangings are also good options for gifting purposes. Many times it becomes difficult to find a gift in budget; especially on the inaugurations and for the newly-wed couples. For such newly married couples who are ready to begin their new lives in their new homes, you can’t find a better gift than colorful Indian Wall Hangings.

    If you are thinking that it is difficult to find Indian tapestries, than navyas fashion has the solution. You can easily find wall hangings of your choice in your budget on your own shopping website-

  • Go Beach in Celebrity Style!

    Sarongs or Wraps commonly known as Pareo Wraps have been in the trend since years. Women like pareo sarongs not only for their comfortable nature but also for the glam added to the look when carried properly. Even the celebrities can’t keep them away from the refreshingly cool looks of sarongs. Since celebrities follow hectic schedules in their daily lives, so they want comfort on their vacations. They want to be in their original looks without heavy make-ups and dresses. Celebrities love to hang around on beaches in summers. And no one can deny the fact that the most comfortable outfit to wear in summers especially on beaches is pareo wrap.

    The thing which adds to the comfort of sarongs is the use of Indian cotton fabric. A huge variety of fabrics can be found in the market but the Indian cotton fabric is liked the most in summers. The cotton thread has the nature to absorb sweat and allows passing the air through the fabric which maintains air circulation and body temperature. Along with the fabric, you can select cool colors in summers to keep you fresh and lively every time. Light color cotton sarongs are the best choice for hot shiny summers.

    Since now we have only discussed about the comfort nature of sarongs but along with it, these wraps look stylish too. Pareos and sarongs can be worn in various styles. Some of the styles in which they can be wrapped are: 1. Halter Dress with a Twist 2. One Shoulder Dress 3. Harem Jumpsuit 4. Halter Dress with a Knot 5. Strapless Dress (also called a Tube Dress) 6. Maxi (Long) Skirt 7. Mini Skirt 8. Long Wrap Skirt 9. Side Slit Dress 10. Cascade Bandeau Dress 11. Toga Dress

    It is not necessary to wear sarongs as an outfit on beach only. If you like sarongs and want to wear them in party or at sophisticated places, you can carry them as an accessory too. Headwraps and headbands tied from sarongs look immensely stylish and out of the league. Many celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Rihanna, Paris Hilton, The Kardashians, Jessica Alba, Beyonce Knowles have been known for their sarong styles. The use of pareo wrap is not limited to females. Even the male celebrities like David Beckham, Bradley Cooper, Johnny Depp, many more have shown their interest in this cool outfit.

    So if you are planning holidays this summer than, don’t forget to add sizzling sexy colorful cotton pareo sarongs in your wardrobes!

  • New Cool In the Market- IKAT FABRIC

    Looking best is the desire of every women. Every woman loves to seek importance and flaunt her style. In one form or the other, every lady on this planet wishes to look different from others. No woman likes to copy and every time she dresses-up, she wants something new. To get so-many “new”, it is important to experiment with the existing fabrics.

    Since naturally available fabrics are limited, fabrics are blended with other materials to produce variants of fabric. Even the dyeing techniques used to color a fabric vary largely. Depending upon the requirement, dyeing technique is employed. One of the techniques called resist dyeing technique is used to produce ikat fabric.The characteristic which makes ikat fabric different from the league is the “blurriness” to the design. Vibrant colors and complicated patterns complement the fabric and hence the prices. The hand woven complex patterns with multiple colors add value to the ikat print fabric. Mostly it is difficult to find original ikat fabric by the yard, so one can buy ikat fabrics online. The variety and price of ikat fabrics available online is incomparable.

    Besides ikat, linen and block print fabric are also great options for dressing. Use cotton naturally or blend it with other fibres, it always look graceful and block printing on cotton fabric is just like the “icing on the cake”. The hand-made block printing is the speciality of India, especially Jaipur. The use of chilling colors and traditional patterns can’t go unnoticed. A small glance of fabric leaves deep impression on the mind and the heart. The comfort of 100% linen fabric and cotton fabric is unbeatable which makes them more popular in the areas with sizzling hot summers.

    Since now, we have only talked about the variations in fabric that can be done. But differentiation is not limited to the type of fabric. One can also go for the variation in the types of stitching of dresses. Often people think that use of traditional fabrics is limited to stitching of suits and ethnic dresses. But on thinking out of the box, you can make western dresses too by using these fabrics. One-pieces, sarongs, skirts, quilted jackets look elegant and different when stitched by using ikat or block print fabric. So, if you wish to look stylishly different, options are many, you just have to pick the right one for you.

  • Add Glam, Style and Warmth to Your Personality with Pashmina Scarves!

    Are you a fashion freak? Are you a brand freak? Are you one of a kind who is tired of wearing regular winter clothes? Do you like designer stuff? Than this is the right place for you. Navyasfashion is a place where you can find a huge variety of exclusively designed winter clothes.

    Usually women get depressed in winter season as they don’t get much option to dress. They live in a myth that they either can look fashionable or can save themselves from winter. But just like said it is only a myth. Navyasfashion brings variety of options for beautiful women out there to save themselves from chilling winters in a fashionable way. Out of so many available options, 100% pashmina scarf is the best option. 100 pashmina scarf looks beautiful with all types of outfits whether you wear western outfit or an Indian traditional saree or salwar suit. You cannot take off your eyes from the vibrant colors and floral/paisley designs of pashmina scarves. From celebrities to political figures to businesswomen, every stylish woman loves to carry pashmina shawls and scarves.

    Everyone is aware of the style quotient of paisley pashmina and cashmere scarves. Now let us talk about the warmth. Pashmina wool is extracted from a famous Kashmiri goat, Changthangi. The softness of the fibre is incomparable. The hand spun shawl is worth watching and buying. The feel and comfort experienced on wearing pashmina definitely deserves a try. If worn once, you cannot stop yourself from wearing them again. The warm and stylish pashmina scarf never go out of trend.

    Besides being warm and stylish, pashmina scarves are considered to be the outfit of rich. Not every individual can afford genuine pashmina scarves. The exclusiveness, light-weight, warmth, style quotient, hand weaving and pashmina fibre are some of the properties which add to its cost. Usually women find these scarves out of their reach. Some women find the scarf of their choice but its price goes out of their budget while some fail to find the one of their choice. For such pretty women who want to buy scarves of their choice in budget, Navyasfashion is a great platform. It is the place where you can buy pashmina scarves online sitting at your home at cheap prices. The designs and prices available here will enthral you. And if you are worried about the purity of pashmina, than pashmina shawls and scarves available here are 100% genuine.

    So, try online shopping and save your time and money, both!


  • Home Decor in Your Budget!

    A gorgeous home is the dream of every living being. The feeling of having own beautiful house is incomparable. Some have money to buy the luxuries while some can only afford a simple living place. People with small budgets sometimes get disheartened as they cannot afford expensive and designer interiors. Everyone loves to live in happy surroundings. Happiness comes with the positivity and positivity comes in the happening environment.

    For the people who can’t afford fancy flooring and still want happening surroundings, Navyasfashion brings them an option to buy designer carpets. These carpets look elegant and cover the flooring very well. The exclusive hand weaving in Persian style separates these carpets from the league. The color combinations and the craftsmanship are worth watching. The jaw-dropping detailing in the carpets can’t go unnoticed. Besides this, you can choose from the various threads such as wool, silk or cotton while buying the carpet. The budget of carpet shopping is greatly determined by the type of thread used in making the carpet. For example, the prices of handmade silk rugs are considered to be the highest descending in the order from wool to cotton.

    Carpet flooring is the one option out of many to decorate your home in budget. You can also use Indian tapestries for decorating the walls. The color of walls and their wallpaper add the most to the interiors of house. But on seeing the expensiveness of paints and wallpapers, it goes out of budget of many. Handmade wall hangings can be brought online in any budget. You decide your budget and start exploring website-; you will definitely get the one of your choice at reasonable price. The combination of bright colors and traditional essence in the wall hangings will completely leave you awestruck. You can buy Indian wall hangings in a set of two or more according to your requirements. For huge walls, the combination of same tapestry in different colors is in trend these days.

    Since we have talked about floor and wall, there is one more thing that contributes a lot in enhancing the interiors of the house. It is designer bed sheets and bed covers. Traditional cum modern kantha throws, heavy silk bed covers, jaipuri block print bed sheets can add a lot to the look of your bed and room. Choice of bed spreads greatly determines the home décor as well as the sleep behaviour of human beings. So one must choose bed spreads wisely.

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