How do you wear your favourite Cashmere and Pashmina Scarves?

1. Tube Cashmere scarf like Blake Lively

To tie a tube cashmere scarf women like Blake Lively, you just need to follow few simple steps: • Create a large loop by tying the ends of the scarf. • Situate the neck at the back and hang the loop over your neck. • Hide the knot by twisting and layering the scarf twice or thrice, over your head.

2. Long 100% Pashmina Scarf like Nicole Ritchie

• Fold the scarf in the half and drape it around the neck. • Pull one end of the 100% Pashmina scarf through the loop. • Little twist and turn in the loop. • Take other end through the loop.

3. Tie a Long Cashmere scarf like a tie, just as Jessica Alba does

This style of wrapping a scarf is also called Twice-Around Ascot Knot Style Scarf. • Open the Cashmere Scarf Women and wrap it around your neck once. Don’t forget to keep one side of the hanging taller than the other. • Take the taller end of the scarf and tie a single knot with the smaller end.

4. Simple Knotted 100% Pashmina Scarf like Fearne Cotton

• Place your scarf around the neck, keeping one side of the scarf longer. • Wrap it around your neck making a loop. • Pull the long side through the loop.

5. Wrap it like Selena Gomez

Not willing to make it stylish? Keep it simple. Being Simple is different. Just put a beautiful Cashmer Scarf Women with fur at the bottom around your neck and it’s done.

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