What Wikipedia Can't Tell You About Handmade Rugs

Famed all over the world, Indian handmade rugs are appreciated for their exquisite beauty and authentic designs. With many world famous things into its account, India holds a top position in manufacturing and export of rugs and carpets also. Embracing the rich beauty of Indian culture and traditions, there are many exclusive features of the handmade rugs that make them best in the world. Here is a list of 10 true things about that not even Wikipedia would tell you about:

1. Alluring designs: Carrying the true expressions of our culture and traditions, the handmade rugs from India can vary from being uniquely modern to classical vintage. The fantastic range of Persian designs, Mughal art, conventional motifs, floral patterns, mural designs and contemporary touch places put Indian rugs on top position in global Carpet market.

2. Unmatched essence of enticing craftsmanship: Indian carpet and rug industry is best known for hand knotted and handmade rugs and carpets. It is the number of knots per square inch that measures the quality of a hand knotted rug. Thus, it is not only the creativity of weavers but also their hard work that makes Indian hand knotted rugs stand apart from the league.

3. Adorable quality promises long lasting durability: Besides intricate designs and vibrant color schemes, handmade rugs are also known for their lifelong and reliable quality material. The timeless sophistication and elegance of handmade rugs from India can be accounted to the use of fine, natural and lustrous woolen and silk thread.

4. Power of customization: Offering best of their services, Rugs industry works on the concept of “customer is the king of market”. Thus, a buyer of a rug enjoys the power of customization. From size and shape to color and pattern, a customer can ask for any kind of a change that he wants in his piece.

5. Offer best “Value for money” proposition: The attracting price deals that handmade rugs industry offers in the global market are undoubtedly unbeatable. The kind of quality that an end user gets from market at so reasonable prices is attracting the pockets of overseas market also.

6. Inimitable chores of weavers: Spending hundreds of restless days and nights on a carpet weaving looms, it is the hard work and fine workmanship of carpet weavers that can easily be seen and appreciated in the beauty of any Indian hand knotted rug and carpet. On an average one standard size carpet would take from 3-4 months to make and it can go upto one year depending upon size and design.

7. Characterization of India’s beautiful history and rich tradition: Portraying the accents of true India with unusual color palette combinations, Indian rugs are best known for their sublime beauty of Persian and Mughal touch of art. It is the antique presentation of royalty on these handmade rugs that make them a premium choice among clients and customers.

8. Charm of their timeless beauty: The expressional glory of Indian rugs gives them a timeless beauty. Reliable quality, beautiful designs and patterns and the perfectly fine and minute workmanship are some of the attributes that enhances the delicacy of these handmade rugs.

9. There is one of its own kind to match your all kind of interiors: Give your space a command of royal interiors by picking a right rug from India. From sophistication to royalty, elegance to subtleness and warmth to drama; a right pick of rug can surely add a much needed texture to your spaces . 10. Adds palatial royalty to your spaces: Hang them as a tapestry or layer them on your floor, Indian rugs can be used in both ways. From decades, these handmade rugs have been used graciously as an important interior element to give your spaces a touch of royalty.


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