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Traverse through the eco-friendly art of Bagh Print Fabrics

Bagh printing or bagh print fabric is block printing technique, which has been in vogue for several centuries. It is very old that the earliest traces can be dated back to the times of Alexander the Great.

Bagh print fabrics are famous art work of Sindh, which is now a part of Pakistan. The craft of bagh printing is now known to be found in Marwar region of Rajasthan and Manavar region of Madhya Pradesh due to migration of craftsmen. Over time, the style of Bagh Printing has evolved and attained uniqueness. Bagh village is the place where Bagh print fabrics are sourced and exclusively conducted. The Bagh printing is known to be proprietary of some Khatri Households found in the village of Bagh. The Bagh print fabrics are more or less composed of floral and geometrical patterns and the blocks for Bagh printing are made with great skill by makers that are found in Pethapur, Gujarat.

Bagh print fabrics are one of the most favorite in the Indian subcontinent primarily because of the fact that the material is very comfortable and soft. Bagh Print fabrics are commonly used to make bed covers, cushion covers, table covers, runners, mats, ladies suits and sarees, kurtis, dupattas, skirts and dresses amongst other things. Bagh printing has gained a recognition throughout the world because of its quality and material being eco friendly in nature. Due to this characteristic, it has solicited a lot of foreign clients who have now started looking towards the eco friendly products. Earlier, bagh printing was common on products like the lehengas however, with the evolution of technology and innovation, the scope of its usage has forayed into the bed covers, dress material, table cloths and many more products.

Why Choose Navyas Fashion for Bagh Print Fabrics

With the change in times, the prints and designs of the Bagh Print fabrics have also started to witness a change. At Navyas Fashion, one can witness that a lot of trendy and contemporary prints are now being used to make Bagh Print Fabrics.

Bagh print fabrics by Navyas Fashion, are considered to be very fashionable and the world has started to develop a connection with the rich heritage of Bagh Print Fabrics. Another contributory factor for high demand of Bagh Print fabrics at Navyas Fashion is that these are Eco-friendly in nature, since we make use of vegetable dyes.

We wash fabrics at least three times before delivering it to our customers. Generally color does not leak from the fabric, however for safety purposes, we advise our customers to get the fabric dry cleaned the first time. At Navyas Fashion you can have the best Bagh Print fabrics online.

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