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All about Bagru Fabrics

Printing on fabrics is not a new thing. It is something that has been in existence for many ages. Printing on fabrics is something that is recognised all over the world. Similarly, India has also not remained untouched from the finest piece of craftsmanship. In India, block printing is done in a different fashion as compared to patterns followed throughout the world. Here in India, each design and pattern is a representation of local cultures and traditions. What other thing that sets apart the block printing followed in India from the other places is that in India, crafters still use traditional methods. On the other hand, elsewhere the crafters have shifted to mahine based art form. In India, you can easily find various forms of printing on fabrics. Some of the most famous ones are: traditional block printing, shibori printing, bagh printing, bagru printing and ajrakh printing. Of them, it is the bagru printing that catches everyone's attention.

This art form is originally from the royal state of Rajasthan. It is considered to be one of the traditional printing on fabrics with natural colors. Process to make bagru prints on fabric is considered to be one of the most tedious processes. Just like the traditional block printing on fabrics, bagru printing also involves use of teak blocks and dye.

The bagru printing is majorly a 4 process method of preparing design on the fabric. This process starts with preparation of raw fabric. Then, the crafters prepare dye and colors followed by dyeing of the fabric and leaving it to dry up. And finally, when the fabric has dried up, beautiful patterns are created on the fabric.

Bagru printing on fabric in India is done majorly using two traditional methods namely, Direct dye printing and the resist printing. In direct dye printing, dye solutions are poured in the tray and the printer presses the block into the dye tray and then onto the fabric till the pattern is complete. On the other hand, in resist printing method, a Dabu paste is prepared that involves applying thick black mud paste onto the fabric and then dyeing the fabric followed by the prepared fabric is printed with Dabu paste by the wooden blocks. Then the printed fabric is dyed with natural colours which results in resisting dyeing in the portions which were hidden and a printed effect is created in the fabric.

Another fascinating thing about Bagru fabrics that makes them one of the most sought-after fabrics is that this fabric is famous for using common vegetable colours.

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