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The Ever Royal Banarasi Fabric

Banarasi Fabrics are one of the very ancient silk fabrics which have been spoken about in several ancient scriptures ranging from the Mahabharata to the Buddhist scriptures which dates back to many thousand of years. Banarasi Fabric is a fine variant of fabric which is believed to have originated in the princely city of Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, India. Banarasi Fabric is known for being extremely smooth and is famous for being woven into Sarees also known by the name of Banarasi Silk Sarees in India and across the world.

History of Banarasi fabric

Banarasi Fabrics are considered to be one of its kind species because of extremely excellent artistry and craftsmanship. The Banarasi fabric demand had fallen some centuries ago however a steep demand was again witnessed during the mughal era. Craftsmanship of Banarasi Fabric was first introduced in India by the Mughals. The mughals are believed to have undertaken upon themselves to glorify the art of the Banarasi silk fabric into sarees.

The mughals are highly appreciated for inspiring few craftsmen to work in the intricate art of weaving the fabric. It is believed that the mughal era was the time when the beautiful art of weaving Banarasi silk fabric into Saree began in India. The art of weaving Banarasi fabric was coupled with Persian motifs which were mixed up with the Indian customary attire to create more distinct flower patterns that give the designs a more royal look.

A look at modern Banarasi fabrics will show the fact that today’s banarasi fabrics are the product of this particular mix up of two different cultures and exemplary enthusiasm of Mughals.

Banarasi fabric at Navyas Fashion

A distinguishing factor between the our Banarasi fabric and other fabric is the fact that in the era driven by technology, we still use traditional methods i.e. Hand weaving methods to weave a single piece of Banarasi fabric which give these fabrics an ethnic and royal look making the first choice of every fashion lover.

The Banarasi saree is traditionally made in four varieties namely organza (Kora), Georgette saree, Shatir saree, and pure silk (Katan). The many varieties of Banarasi silk saree are organza, satin borders, jangla, Brocades, Tanchoi, cutwork, and Resham butidar that have interesting designs of animals, birds, floral, fruit, human figures, and geometric patterns.

The Banarasi saree, which is most commonly woven out of Banarasi fabric, is not only popular as part of the bridal wears in Bengal weddings but women from all religions and social status love this saree. This Banarasi saree is not only making waves in the Indian fashion industry but also in the international fashion world.

The art and culture of providing sarees with Banarasi silk fabrics is very ancient. The continuous passing down of culture of artistry of the Banarasi sarees from one generation to another have never been stopped. The art of Banarasi Fabric has never failed to impress fashion lovers and despite being an immemorial artistry, we at Navyas Fashion, devote ourselves fully to make each piece of Banarasi fabric look an infinite art which will never fail to attract eyes to its graceful and elegant designs and patterns.Now if you still do not have a Banarasi Fabric in your wardrobe, you are seriously missing out on a great fashion.

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