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Cotton velvet fabric at NavyasFashion is a perfect product to define elegance, class, and comfort. Most customers, who prefer a rich lifestyle, go for garments made from velvet. The colors are very appealing and the touch is so smooth to drive anyone crazy. This gorgeous material has the capacity to make superior dresses for women and high-class coats for men. Velvet keeps your warm and comfortable. It has the finest smoothness unlike other fabrics.

Ask your fashion designer to use fine thread in silk or cotton before he/she begins stitching. It helps to maintain the texture and color of cotton velvet upholstery fabric. NavyasFashion’s online store brings to you high quality cotton velvet fabric to give your needs a perfect shape. Make use of our royal colors on your expensive cushions and add a perfect décor for your pricey couch.

Quilts made from cotton velvet make an ideal choice during winters. The rich and the famous use our fabrics to cover their gorgeous sofa furniture. Velvet makes wonders when used as curtains.

Do not miss the offers at our online store or you will regret later for losing a great deal! The combination of cotton and velvet brings a new look to your house as well as your wardrobe. NavyasFashion brings the best to you always in fabric as well as price, and promises to continue doing the same. Feel proud of lifestyle and your selection by buying a variety of these, available at our online store.