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There would be hardly any person around, who would have not heard of the Jamdani art. To give a little intro about jamdani it’s relevant to state that Jamdani has its origins from Persia and is a combination of ‘Jam’ meaning flowers and ‘Dani’ meaning vase. The beauty of this art form on fabric is unmatched. It is recognized throughout the world for its finest details and perfection. One would have noticed the usage of floral figures in almost every Jamdani design.

The earlier traces of Jamdani are found in the 19th century by James Taylor and T.N Mukharji, who referred to it as figured or flowered Jamdani and Jamdani muslin. However, this art form is as old as the 9th century. One of the famous Arab geographers Solaiman mentions the Jamdani in his work Sril Silat-ut-Tawarikh where he states Jamdani as being produced in Rumy which is now known as Bangladesh. Bangladesh, which was earlier a part of India became the hometown of Jamdani somewhere around the 17th century Mughal rule prevailed in India. Trading of Jamdani in Europe, Iran, Armenia thrived. The Mughals and Pathans followed suit, and it was considered a favorite of the royalty.

In the present day scenario, Jamdani is widely recognized in the areas of Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal and in areas like Rupgang, Sonargaon, Shiddhirganj in Bangladesh.

Why Choose Navyas Fashion for Jamdani

Navyas Fashion has been emerging as one of the brightest spots for buying Jamdani Fabric. We aim to provide our customers with the best of fabrics and that too at the most reasonable price. Our objective is to serve you with natural and handmade jamdani fabrics, for we believe that the human touch adds elegance to every outfit. At Navyas Fashion, you will find pure Cotton Jamdani fabrics. What makes us special in jamdani outfits is the fact that today weavers use karpash cotton to weave their jamdani fabrics. In contrast, Navyas Fashion uses pure cotton to sustain its natural touch. We also deal in Jamdani Silk fabrics. Moreover, we believe in hard work and serving best in market designs to our fashion lovers. Therefore, every stitch on the cotton fabric is done manually by the weavers leaving elegance and grace on the fabric.

Jamdani variety at Navyas Fashion

At Navyas Fashion, you get the option to choose amongst various varieties of blue, grey, pink, green, and red color Jamdani fabrics. Another reason to choose Navyas Fashion is that we deal in the finest quality of Jamdani at the most reasonable prices. You may come across various sellers who deal in jamdani fabric but they sell their product at a very high price which throws the fashion lover into tissy whether to buy it or not. But the same is not with Navyas Fashion.

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