It would be surprising to know if you have not heard about the beautiful Kota Doria fabric. Kota Doria fabric is one of its own kind. It is a unique blend of cotton and silk in a square check pattern. These check patterns are called khats. You would be surprised to know that the Kota Doria fabric is still handwoven in Kota or surrounding parts in Rajasthan. Kota Doria fabric by the yard is famous for weaving different kinds of sarees like silk sarees. Where silk adds shine and elegance to the fabric, the usage of cotton gives strength to the fabric.

You must be wondering why we are focusing on Kota Doria fabric too much today. And you are thinking right. The answer is simple. Kota Doria fabric is one of the most famous fabrics in India which gives you famous Kota sarees and other textile products. Kota Doria by the yard has been in fashion for a long time. And just to take the legacy forward, Navyas Fashion has come up with a wide variety of Kota Doria fabrics just for you.

Though we say that Kota Doria fabric by the yard is one of the most famous kinds of fabric you would come across, still despite it being famous, it is highly underrated. We endeavor to bring this beautiful fabric from Kota to you. And it is not just because of the beauty of Kota Doria fabric that we are promoting it. There are various advantages to it as well.

Why Kota Doria Fabric

The first and foremost of them is that it is a perfect fit for seasons like summer when your body is looking for something breezy and light. When the sun is blazing over your head and you cannot step out of your air conditioners, it is then Kota Doria fabrics that come into the picture. Since it is made by blending cotton and silk, the Kota Doria fabric by the yard is light, airy, soft, and comfortable.

Another advantage of going for a Kota Doria fabric by the yard is that it can be stitched to make any kind of outfit, especially a traditional outfit. This is due to its zero shrinkage quality.

History of Kota Doria

Talking about its history, the Kota Doria fabric by the yard was first weaved in Kaithoon, a small town located 15 km away from Kota. Once this piece of fabric gained popularity among the local communities, there was no stopping. Nearby villages around Kota started embracing the fashion of Kota Doria and some even professed the weaving also.

Kota Doria Fabrics at Navyas Fashion

Now, when it comes to shopping for Kota Doria fabric online, you have only one place to visit and that is Navyas Fashion. Navyas Fashion has built a name for bringing true and authentic Kota Doria fabric right at your doorsteps.

Visit Navyas Fashion and buy Kota Doria fabric online!


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