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Dhurrie Rugs

Cotton Rugs

Indian Dhurrie Rugs

Every one dreams to own a beautiful house. The beauty of the house largely depends on its interior decoration. Flooring is the most important part of the interiors. Flooring type greatly depends on the budget of the house owner. Not everyone’s pocket allows him to buy expensive and stylish floorings. For them, carpet or rug floor covering is the perfect alternative. People now-a-days are getting back to traditional flooring patterns. Dhurrie rugs floor covering is the latest trend. A dhurrie rug is a flat woven rug used traditionally as floor-covering in India. Indian dhurrie rugs are made of cotton which keep the flooring and the surroundings, cool. Dhurrie rugs are the block printed cotton rugs which are made using natural colour dyes. These colours are human and eco-friendly and do not harm the people using them. Navyasfashion is the place where along with the silk rugs and wool rugs, you can find a huge collection of block print rugs

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