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Silk rugs from india

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Discussion about rugs is incomplete without taking silk into consideration. If you are a person of elegance, luxury and uniqueness, than silk rug is a great choice. Pure silk area rugs are the specialty of Navyasfashion. We deal only in handmade silk rugs. The base of these rugs is made of cotton while the designing is done with silk threads.

Silk rugs from India, especially ours, because of the use of cotton base and hand weaving, last forever and make your home look elegant and extravagant. They provide real comfort and smoothness to feet. The richness of silk rugs makes them perfect placement in halls and bedrooms. Our online store has a great collection of silk rugs having exclusive designs, patterns, colors and prints. Customer satisfaction is our priority, thus we believe and deal in quality and not quantity. Scroll down to buy rugs online. Your favorite silk rug is just a click away from you. And don't forget to check our Hand Knotted Wool Rugs collection.

Rugs have always been a part of every house right from the time of our ancestors. In fact, way before when homes were castles and palaces, the Kings and Queens adored walking on the rugs and enjoying the sensation of the surface of the silk carpets against the soles of their feet.

Today, we buy rugs online because there are many brands in the market that are into the manufacturing of carpets as well as rugs. However, when you have a brand like NavyasFashion, you should not be bothered about the other brands in the market because not all can be trusted with their quality.

Talking of rugs, silk rugs from India have always been in demand in different corners of the globe. NavyasFashion has been proudly exporting its high quality rugs to different parts of the world because of the kind of collection it has. In fact, this brand has a specific team that designs, creates, develops and manufactures amazing rugs for the customers. If you want to buy rugs online, visit our website and find out what our designers have created to make your house look much better than it does, at the moment.

With our collection of colorful and elegant rugs, you can now add a star to your home d├ęcor. Just the way you keep yourself clean, well-maintained and beautiful, add the sparks to your house as well by placing a few of our gorgeous silk rugs on the floor of different rooms.