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Indigo Fabric

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Items 1 to 15 of 17 total

Indigo Blue Fabric

Indigo Dyed Fabric

The rich history and culture of India makes it important for us to realize that we stay connected to our roots. Along with the culture and tradition, comes our lifestyle. The simple and printed dresses still look amazing. When it comes to choosing fabric for dresses, Indigo fabric is an ideal choice for the designers.

Navyasfashion has researched deep to understand the process, methodologies, and demand of indigo fabrics. Initially, these came in blue color. Today, we have more color ranges to include in our fabrics, such as, indigo red, indigo violets, indigo yellow, brown, orange, scarlets, and reddish brominated indigo. Check our exclusive range of Indigo dyed fabric online at our online Navyasfashion store.

You may select the fabric to make a variety of denims. Mostly, indigo dyed fabric is used to make denims. They are quite a treat, for the denim market. If you wish to buy our fabrics for business purposes, do not miss our sale offers. Choose them to stich loose Patialas. The indigo cotton fabric by our company can be used ... Read More..