Loyalty Program

Navyas Fashion Customer Loyalty Program, lets you earn points on every purchase, social sharing, friends referral and make your shopping rewarding with Loyalty Points.

Navyas Fashion offers a Loyalty Program in which it rewards its registered customers with loyalty points equivalent to cash discount for every purchases they make from the Navyasfashion.com. Every Registered customer automatically becomes member of the Navyas Fashion Loyalty Program. 

Every 100 Loyalty Point you earn is equivalent to 1.6 USD. Loyalty Points are mentioned on all products and the same will get added to your account starting FIRST successful purchase.  Points will automatically start reflecting in your REGISTERED account in 3 days time.

Loyalty Points earned can be redeemed by customer on his next purchase at NavyasFashion.com

 Points are valid for 12 months from the date of issue and after 12 months Points will expire.

If you cancel any order or order is not delivered to you, the points will get deducted back from your account and you will not be able to redeem those points.

How Loyalty Points can be redeemed:

Example – You have 1000 Loyalty Points in your account after you made first successful purchase. On your very next purchase you can redeem all your 1000 Points which is equivalent to 16 USD.

Rule - Loyalty point cash available in your account should be 25% of Total Shopping cart item value in your account.

Example – You have 1000 Loyalty Points or 16 USD Loyalty cash in your account and you want to redeem them all. You can redeem them if your Total cart items value is USD 64. If it is below 64 USD then 25% of value can only be redeemed on this new transaction.

Please feel free to write or call in case you have any further query. We are happy to explain further.



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