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Nehru Collar Shirt

Items 1 to 9 of 14 total

Items 1 to 9 of 14 total

Nehru Collar Shirt

Mandarin Collar Shirt

Nehru Collar Shirt despite of being a traditional outfit will always remain in fashion. It is a kind of outfit which if carried properly by the wearer leaves a long lasting impression wherever he goes. Unique in style, Nehru Collar Shirt is worn as a respectful men’s attire. With their unique style these shirts enhance the elegance of a gentleman. Nehru Collar shirts are perfect for social events, business conferences and various other occasions and offer you a unique look, leaving a long-lasting impression. Every man’s wardrobe must have such traditional cum trendy attires. Besides this, we also sell mandarin collar shirts for men, cufflinks and ties for men. Our professional tailors and designers known for their fit and designs of Nehru and Mandarin collar shirts are always at your service.

Navyasfashion is not gender biased. We set the parameters on equal grounds for both, men and women. When women are at their best of comforts in terms of trend and fancy, why should men wait for good things to happen? Check out the range in Nehru collar shirt and get the best of fashion ready to be worn in your wardrobe.

Mandarin collar shirt come in vivid designs. These shirts are exclusively designed for men and they look simply superb at work. Let them keep thinking about your designer. You are going to create a professional environment at work and it is no doubt that Nehru collar shirt looks amazing on any man. Go through the various designs available and choose the one closer to your heart. They also have unbelievable discounts!

Navyasfashion brings the finest to you, so that you dream the finest of things to achieve success in what you do.