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Luxury of Block Print Dresses

Block print dresses are one of the most recognised apparel throughout the world. Hand Block print dresses are very mesmerising. Distinct patterns are embossed upon the dresses which give them an alluring grace. Preparing a block print dress has always been an elaborate technique.

Indian History of Block Print Dress

Hand block print dresses have their roots seeped deep into Indian tradition and that is the reason why there are hardly any states in India which do not have their own distinct designs and patterns of hand-block printing. Distinct block print dresses can be found in states like Punjab, Gujarat and Andhra to name a few. However, Rajasthan is considered to be the motherland of hand block print dresses. The culture of hand block print dress can be traced back to Mughal era where hand block print dresses were fondly admired by the imperial society.

Methodology of preparing Block Print Dresses at Navyas Fashion

Block print dresses are made by use of wooden blocks where different patterns and designs are carved out on a wooden block and then such block is filled with colours. The designs and the patterns that are made on the blocks are not fixed and are based solely on the imagination of the block-carver that he wishes to emboss on the dress. The designs and patterns could be a simple geometric formation or more detailed impression.

What differentiates our hand block print dresses is the method of making the dresses. We craft and embose hand blocks manually and these manually done work yield high artistic outcomes which even highly advanced machines fail to yield. The process of creating inexpensive block print dresses starts with the wood block. The carver uses design to cut the block into diverse sizes and patterns. The top block portion has a knob for the printers who print the block on the fabric. Every block has three or four outlets through which the air passes and pinches away extra dye. Various spots are embossed upon the block that the printer uses as an assignment display as they pick and move the block to the next plot of dress. All blocks are soaked in oil for up to fifteen days to make the wood softer.

Earlier, when dresses prepared by way of screen invaded the textile industry it consumed the whole of the hand block print dress business. However, the demand for hand block print dress has seen substantial growth yet again from all sections of the world because of its sophisticated appeal and mesmerising grace.

Why choose Block Print Dresses at Navyas Fashion

Today the world has started to move towards eco-friendly materials and have started to avoid non-natural products. Consequently, the demand for screen print dresses has started to see a decline in its demand and block print dresses have seen a substantial upward growth. We, at Navyas Fashion, prepare block print dresses out of dyes and colours which are free from all sorts of synthetics making your body comfortable.

Another contributing factor to choose our block print dress is that Hand Block print dress is multi-ethnic. Block print dress is not contoured by any particular climate. The most important reason for fashion lovers preferring our hand block print dress is that our hand block print dress costs five times lesser than a Phulkari compelling them to order more. What are you waiting for?

Liven up your fashion with our block print dress! Place your orders and get delivered your block print dress at your doorstep!