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  1. Make Your Summer Statement Casual Yet Bold

    Kaftan for women has been officially made a summer uniform by the fashion police this time especially block printed kaftan. We love how effortlessly chic the look it gives. In the last one and a half years, everyone has gone fond of comfortable clothing and trust us, no one wants to go back to the uptight styles. We all love a relaxed environment while working from home and clothing plays a key role. The ease of movement of the clothing plays a major role in how effortlessly you work throughout the day. There is a reason why different industries have different styles of uniforms based on their nature of work. Every job requires a comfortable movement of the body around the workshop or whatever stipulated environment they have to do their work.

    With the ongoing work from home culture, ladies play multiple roles at home. They not only have to manage their official work but at the same time are taking care of their family at home. With cooking, cleaning and a lot of homely chores, it is important to wear an article of clothing which is comfortable and in the meanwhile is exquisite enough to attend the zoom or team’s call. Kaftans provide that adaptability of switching from leisurely mode to work mode and thus has gained more popularity being the most popular trend of the season.

    Many renowned brands are now investing in leisurewear and the reason is with pandemic people are moving towards sustainable clothing. There is a major shift in the shopping pattern of people, lavish tights and party wear are no more preferable. Everyone wants something casual which they can use for a long time and prefers to invest in that only.

    Kaftans not only are free-flowing but are fit for every body type especially Indian figures. The ease of adaptation kaftan provides is one of the most popular reasons for ladies to love it. People are favouring handloom made clothes for this very reason that they are breathable and are perfect for Indian summers. One can hide the excess fat or can get comfortable with whatever body type they have without any hesitation. The V neck of the kaftan adds the oomph factor and provides the overall sleek look of the person. It is perfect for summer getaways and hanging out with friends. The tassel not on the waist provides further options to adjust it as per the body type.  further to these block printed kaftan made from handloom with traditional designs are worth to have added pairs in our wardrobe. One can even style it up with a broad belt. Pair it up with a sling bag and a heel and it becomes perfect for a night party as well.

    We love to see your styling pictures on the grand and how you come up with new ideas. Keep sharing those since your contentment with our dresses is what keeps our team going and working hard toward designing new styles.

  2. Reviving the traditional art of mulmul cotton fabric

    mulmul cotton fabric by Yard

    Mulmul is one of the finest and oldest fabrics adored by the royals. It is made of plants along the banks of the Meghna river. Every year there is a limited plantation of the seeds and flowers of which this unique fabric is made. It is a limited resource and the uniqueness of the fabric is what makes it exquisite and deemed fit for the royals. It was so popular because of its lightweight and translucent fabric that foreign delegates in the old era loved it and had most of their dresses made of mulmul cotton fabric. Today there are many options to acquire mulmul fabric due to the increase in convenience and transportation facilities along with the fabric increase. The handloom industry works on reviving the old culture of making cotton fabric and makes produces mulmul cotton fabric by yard as well. You can even get beautiful creative fabric made of mulmul nowadays. The handloom industry has evolved many folds since its origin. Although mulmul has its origin in Bangladesh, different cities in India especially Rajasthan has kept this culture alive along with its diverse fabric work. One can find hand block printed fabric as well made of mulmul cotton by the yard. If you are planning to buy mulmul fabric online, there are plenty of options available but be sure of the authenticity of these fashion houses since most of the clothing is outsourced from third parties. We at Navya Fashions are dedicated to producing dresses made of pure cotton sourced from handloom and made by artisans who are skilled in fabric.

    mulmul fabric online

    Dresses made of mulmul cotton fabric has recently been more popular and in talks after Soha Ali Khan was spotted wearing mulmul kurta set with mulmul palazzo and dupatta set. Bollywood has always led India with its fashion sense. They are the trendsetters of the season. Mulmul fabric has been loved by many because of its pattern and texture which is soothing to the skin and provides easy flow. It is perfect for the summer season, especially in India. You can get multiple dress patterns made of mulmul cotton fabric, be it a chic kaftan dress, a comfortable kurta set or an indie dress. Even night suits made of mulmul cotton is popular. Moreover, at Navyas fashion house, you can get mulmul cotton fabric by yard, of which you can make designs of your choice and style it up. Do let us know how you are bringing up the styling and tips of it by tagging us on insta. Our team loves the handmade love you guys share on the gram.

  3. Reviving the tradition Indian Print Fabric

    Indian print fabric

    Indian print fabric printing process is called chintz. It is a woodblock printed, painted, stained and glazed textile. The cloth is ideally designed with floral prints with different patterns and colours preferably on a plain cloth. These Indian print fabric is then sold by yards to be designed as kurta or saree. The of designing Indian fabric by yard is a very old ancient tradition. The patterns have been so much loved by the world that it has been adapted in various forms by renowned designers. Since generations, various designers have tried to revived the old traditional Indian print fabric and the industry today has come so far that there are tons of websites from where one can but fabric online. But the catch here is… are they authentic? With time, duplicate production of fabrics and digital prints have taken over the sales of original prints. The original hand block printing involves skilled artisans and is a costly affair along with time consumption and patience. It’s an art form which gets admired by many. Those who have the knowledge of the fabrics can instantly get to know the difference but the cheaper production of digital prints and easy availability of patterns on online sites, has led to an increase in the market of duplicate patterns. Another major challenge comes with the choice of fabric. The traditional Indian fabric by yard is made of pure cotton and in the loom. The handloom industry has been following the traditional process and trust us, the purity of fabric made at handloom is of no match to the digital prints. The authenticity is the love for designers when it comes to design traditional outfit.

    block print fabric

    We at Navyas Fahion, follow the same block printing process by sourcing the fabrics locally from the handlooms and the quality of the dress is pure love. If you are following us on social media, you will soon see the behind the scene pictures of the process and the people who are keeping this old style process of handloom alive. Although in the late 1980’s people have understood the power of Indian handloom, the bollywood cinema’s western style again deviated the fashion industry from the traditional norms. It is now with urban crowd majorly moving towards traditional prints and fabric with wide knowledge of the process, the old style printing methods and fabrics are back. More so, the favourable weather condition have given more leverage to the traditional clothes. Popular brands with global reach like FabIndia, Anokhi have further been a medium to introduce the Indian fabrics but with modernised versions and costing. The importance of original handlooms now is more realised than ever. The costing, the culture, the stories behind, everything gives more power to the local brands who are working tediously to revive this industry. Even our designers come up with latest designs and patterns which are easy to carry and gives a unique look with a touch of simplicity. We love it when our team matches everyday fashion with traditional patterns and presents this up in unique fashion. Do let us know your styling ideas and feedback if you have got Navya outfit.

  4. Comfortable Handmade Night Gowns from the House of Navyas Fashions

    Comfort for people have been of utmost importance since the very beginning. The very first rule of sustainable fashion is of designing dresses which are comfortable and easy to carry. The fabric should be soft and one should feel like wearing it all day long. Night gowns for women is one such category which people designers and major brands have found a new interest in. Women’s nightgowns have now been an uptown leisurewear clothing, which one can even wear outside. Considering the ongoing situation of the pandemic with majority of the people working from home, women’s nightgowns or leisurewear shopping has seen a tremendous surge.

    night gowns for women

    We at Navya fashion house also work as per the demand of the people but the advantage with our products is the pure handloom product. Cloth which is handmade, fabric which is sourced locally. All this makes the end product a love note from the artisans in the house send to the end users. The soft fabric of cotton since sourced locally is ideal for the summers in India. We often while going for a brand miss out the key note for any kind of cloth. No matter ow flattering the design is, if the fabric is not soft to skin, people will not wear it. We try to add on the oomph factor in designs along with the softest of the fabrics made by following the traditional pattern of design. We have recently launched our new collection, “Nayab” meaning unique. Going with the true meaning of the word, we have curated night gowns, kaftans and Kurta sets which have uniqueness in them. The indian traditional patterns have been followed and the culture of the authentic handloom have been followed while curating each piece.

    handmade nightgowns

    The night gowns for women, introduced in this collection have an added charm. The pattern is bold and electric. The bright colours add on the July feeling during the summers and the fabric brings on the comfort. We believe that whatever dress you wear, it should bring rejoice to the person. The fun element is what makes it more unique and appealing. It adds on to the personality of the person carrying it. The beautiful traditionally block printed designs are the added factor which brings uniqueness to the design pattern. Check out the kurta sets with dupatta or kurta set with trouser and the looks on the model portrays the fun we had while designing it.

    Explore our night gown section as well with similar prints and we are sure you will love it.

  5. Block Print Kaftan; A Perfect Addition to Summer Collection

    Our lives are incomplete without fashion. We are in a time where everything is surrounded with fashion. Not just in terms of clothes but in all aspects. All of this is attributable to the advanced technological environment. Technology has made us want for more. And due to this, as and when technology changes, the fashion industry also changes. Or maybe we can say that the fashion industry is ever changing. Be it summers or winters, be it recession or inflation, it is hard to imagine a particular trend trending even the next day. As you wake up to a new morning, you’ll see something new passing through your eyes. 

    But, one thing that hasn’t changed is the limited options available with us for summer collection. When the scorching sun is blazing over  our heads, and the body is bathed in sweat, our body is in dire need of something that is breezy and light. The first thing that strikes a woman’s mind is block printed kaftan. Kaftans, since their introduction, have taken over the fashion industry by storm. You’ll hardly find a woman who does not have a kaftan in her closet. When it comes to summer collections, block printed kaftans find themselves at the top of every woman’s wishlist. 

    block print kaftan

    Apart from being the best summer wear, block printed kaftans have other uses as well. You can try them as your night wears too. They look stylish and trendy. Block printed kaftans also give you a comfortable night sleep. 

    Block Printed Kaftans at Navyas Fashion

    When it comes to buying block printed kaftans online, Navyas Fashion is your one stop shopping destination. Our vivid variety and making use of traditional block printed technology puts us ahead of other brands. At Navyas Fashion, you can find short block printed kaftan and long block printed kaftans. With a rich variety of colors and the goodness of natural fabrics, you will not want to switch to other brands after using our kaftans. Apart from the outfit, what attracts people to Navyas Fashion is the price and easy accessibility. With Navyas Fashion, you can choose amongst a large variety of block printed kaftans and buy them online while sitting and relaxing on your couch.

    kaftan online

    Don’t miss out on adding stylish kaftan dresses in your wardrobe. Visit Navyas Fashion and shop for your favorite styles

  6. What Goes into making of Block Printed Fabrics

    It is said, whenever you are in doubt about your outfit, choose block printed fabric. And it is rightly said. Block printed fabrics have been reigning since their inception. Be it youngsters or an aged woman, be it adolescents or adults, everyone is crazy for block printed fabrics. And why not, handblock printed fabrics have a charm of their own. The process of making them, the creativity that goes on to designing them and fine intricacies are worth admiring. Unlike other designs, block prints have been in vogue since a long long time. It can be said that block prints were the first ever decoration on the fabric. 

    hand block print fabric

    The demand for hand block printed fabrics has never died. Since the very beginning, they have been one of the most preferred outfits by the women. It is not surprising that not just in India, but women from all around the world are in awe of this traditional hand block printed fabric. You might be wondering where this beautiful art was born. It is surprising to know that India is not the birthplace for block printed fabrics. As per the historians, it is the Chinese people who invented this technique many centuries ago. But once this technique stepped into Indian territory, India became its homeland. Though block printed outfits saw a dip in their demand during some centuries, the Mughals added a new lease of life in this age-old art. Mughals are credited for reviving the culture of block prints. And since then, this art has never failed to impress. It is one of the first choices of every woman. 

    block printed fabrics online

    Block Print Fabrics at Navyas Fashion

    Now, your other question would be where should you go for the best block printed fabrics? Your answer is very simple. Navyas Fashion is your one stop destination for all types of hand block printed outfits. With Navyas Fashion, you can choose from a wide variety of block printed fabrics online while relaxing in your bedroom.

    The high demand for our hand block printed fabrics can be attributed to their labour intensive technique used to create it. Every product leaves an elegant touch. It is not just a wooden teak and dye that goes in making block printed fabrics. It is a lot more. Creativity, patience and attentive eyesight is required to carry out this art. All you need to do is visit Navyas Fashion and explore the range of hand block printed fabrics and choose your favorite one.

    Visit Navyas Fashion and shop for your favorite block printed fabric now!

  7. Ever-Green World of Block Printed Fabrics

    We are in the 21st century where things change with a snap of the finger. This statement fits the best for the technology and fashion industry. These two industries are most vulnerable to rapid changes. What you see in trends today would disappear by tomorrow only to be replaced by something new and dynamic. So, in today’s fast moving world, can we expect anything to be constant? Is there anything that has refused to bow down to change?

    block print fabric

    The answer is yes. The love and charm for block printed fabrics has refused to die down. They were in trends in the past, they are in trends now and they shall remain in trends in the future as well. There is no craft or art form that can ever replace the hand block printing on fabrics.
    Block printing on Indian fabrics is not something that requires any comprehensive detailing. People associated with the textile industry would tell you that Indian fabrics have always been high in demand. Especially the Indian block printed fabrics. The Indian hand block printed fabrics are not recognised just in India but all throughout the world. This fabric attracts high demand from the foreign markets.

    hand block print fabric

    Its wide popularity can be attributed to the process by which block printing on fabrics is done. Since prehistoric times, the technique has remained constant. Just like the love for block printed fabrics has not changed, so hasn’t the technique. This is one of the most complex and time consuming types of art form. It is done using manual techniques where the craftsman impresses the wooden teak blocks dipped in dye on the fabric. It has to be done with utmost care since the margin of error is very minimal. One error can cause the whole fabric to go in trash. Apart from the traditional wooden blocks, this art form also uses Stencils, Engraved plates, Rollers and Silkscreens to carry on the printing on the fabrics.

    block print technique

    If you are looking for best in class handblock printed fabrics, Navyas fashion is your one-stop shopping destination. We tend to leverage the vast and rich culture of textile that India possesses. Every Indian block printed fabric that you see at our website is made in India by the Indian artisans.

    Visit Navyas Fashion and shop for your favorite Block printed fabrics now!

  8. Beautiful Kurta Sets for Women

    Fashion, as we all know, cannot be restricted within boundaries. It is simply uncatchable. It cannot be caged into one area or region. Especially in the world of digitalization where the world is on social media, it is impossible to escape from social cameras. Therefore, it becomes imperative to remain fashionable at all times. What is the easiest way one can remain fashionable at all times? We all know India is a diverse country. With different weathers, it realy becomes difficult to stay up-to-date with the fashion. Summers call for a different style while there is altogether a different style for winters. Similarly, when humid monsoons reign in your body needs another kind of outfit. Is it easy to stay fashionable despite such varied weather conditions?

    kurta sets for women

    We say yes it is. And the answer lies in the women’s kurta sets. Kurta sets for women are highly recognised in the fashion industry for their styles. Apart from styles, the other factor that contributes to their wide spread demand is the sheer comfort they offer to the wearer. Kurtas sets for women are one outfit that can go with all kinds of weather. Be it sultry summers when the body is sweating, owing to their characteristics of being light and breathable, they offer comfort without compromising on the comfort factor. When we have the onset of winters, when the frost biting winds are gushing all around, these kurta sets can be complemented with woolens.

    Kurtas are not new to the world. They have been in fashion for a long time. Earlier this outfit used to be famous amongst th men who worked as the courtiers in the courts of Royal kings. As the time passed, kurtas starting gaining popularity amongst the women as well. Now it is one of the most common outfits for all generations.

    block printed kurta sets

    Kurta sets at Navyas Fashion
    Navyas Fashion has recently come up with its new wave of fashion called the Naveli Collection. This collection of women’s kurta sets. Laden with intricate hand block prints, this collection makes it a must-have collection in your wardrobe. Stylish designs, lively colors, traditional art of block printing and most importantly the comfort it offers are some of the factors that makes this kurta set a must-have in your closets. Another factor that makes Navyas Fashion your one-stop destination is that you can choose a variety of kurta sets online. Don’t devoid your fashionable closets of the beautiful kurta sets collection.

    Visit Navyas Fashion and shop for your favorite styles!

  9. Exquisite class of Women’s NightGowns

    By the time day ends, everyone is desirous of a good sound sleep. Therefore, comfort becomes very important during the nighttime. Every person wants a good night's sleep and therefore they choose to wear something really light and comfortable. But it’s not only about a good night’s sleep. In the present time, it is important to remain fashionable at all times. Be it day or night, style needs to be illuminated every time. We have a variety of outfits to choose from when it comes to fashion for the day. You can choose from kurtas or kaftans or heavy outfits while for the bottoms, you can choose a palazzo or formal pants or a pair of jeans. But the paucity of options arises for the night, where you don’t have many options. You have only pajamas or night suits or kaftans to choose from. But not anymore. Navyas Fashion has come up with its new collection of Nightgowns for women. We feel it’s time that the night fashion should also go for a spin. In the world of technology, it is impossible to escape the clutches of social cameras. Therefore it becomes important to keep up with the fashion.

    nightgowns for women

    As we said earlier, it is easy to style yourself during the daytime but it is very difficult to catch up with the night styles. And therefore, we understood your need and came up with a variety of night dresses for women. Women’s nightgowns have slowly started to garner pace in terms of their demand.

    The nightgowns were famous in the period of 1920s. These gowns were complemented with accessories like negligees, short and fashionable flapper dresses, exclusively designed for the bedroom. The night fashion hit a revolution in the 1930s where silk gowns, adorned with feathers and fur trims, with lace detailing and matching capes or quilted bed jackets gained popularity and this trend continued for a long period of time.

    block printed nightgowns

    Night Gowns at Navyas Fashion
    Navyas Fashion has come to be known for its exquisite designs and fabrics. Our new set of nightgowns for women is another addition to our list of outfits we offer. We firmly believe to make your lives fashionable. Exquisite designs, quality of fabrics, and comfort factor sets us apart from other contemporaries. At Navyas Fashion, you can purchase your favorite nightgowns online with just one click.

    Visit Navyas Fashion for the best in class nightgowns for women!

  10. Styling with Kalamkari Fabric

    There was a time when plain and simple fabrics were considered to be very fashionable. History reveals that people in earlier times used to prefer simple plain clothes. But as modernisation set in, taste started to change. People started to move over plain clothes. Eventually, printing techniques developed. And since their beginning, they charmed everyone. There would hardly be anyone who doesn’t like printed clothes. Some of the primary printing methods include block printing techniques, kalamkari technique, ajrakh printing, shibori printing.

    Kalamkari fabrics are one of the most ancient forms of printing on the fabrics. It is usually done on cotton or silk fabrics with a pen using natural dyes.

    Kalamkari fabrics online

    The term Kalamkari is derived from two words, ‘Kalam’ that means pen and ‘Kari’ that means craftsmanship. This art is renowned worldwide. It is because of toil that goes into making kalamkari fabrics. This process involves a 23 step procedure that involves dyeing, bleaching, hand painting, block printing, starching, cleaning and more. The designs made through this technique involve flowers, peacocks, paisleys. And another fascinating fact is that designs also include divine characters of Hindu epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana.

    Historical Background
    Kalamkari art forayed into picture when the craft of telling stories changed from singing to making canvas painting. It is only then that kalamkari technique was introduced to the world. From historical references, it can be concluded that kalamkari fabric was introduced somewhere around 3000 B.C.

    Buy kalamkari fabrics online

    Although this art vanished from the picture in between. However, it is the Mughals that revived this art. And since then, it has never taken a back. It developed and developed over time. And now, it has become one of the most famous and common crafts. Now you can easily buy kalamkari fabrics online. This technique has even crossed borders and has become very famous in the foreign market as well.

    Navyas Fashion for Kalamkari
    If you are looking for Kalamkari fabrics, Navyas Fashion is your final destination. We, at Navyas Fashion, endeavour to serve you with the best quality of products. We use traditional methods to make your kalamkari outfits that maintain the charm and aura of the art in the final product.

    Visit Navyas Fashion and shop for your favorite Kalamkari Fabric!

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