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  1. All You Need to Know About Mulmul Fabric

    If there is one thing that the fashion lovers are looking for, it is only and only mulmul fabrics. There would not be a single person in the world that would have not heard about the mulmul fabric. This fabric has a separate fan base of its own. Mulmul fabric is one of the softest fabrics that you would ever come across. Any idea why people from India have so much liking for mulmul fabric? Any guesses? We will give you an answer. The mulmul fabric originated on the soils of India. The mulmul fabric by yard is one of the most sought after fabrics in the Indian textile industry.

    mulmul fabric by yard

    Just like its name, the mulmul cotton fabric has a very fascinating history. We recommend every fashion lover to at least read once about the mulmul fabric by yard. The mulmul cotton fabric originally has genus in the regions of Iraq. The mulmul cotton fabric originated in the city of Mosul. From the city of Mosul, the mulmul fabric by yard derived its name. Mulmul cotton fabric has always been one of the most sought-after commodities for trade. That is the reason why the Europeans made it a primary commodity for trade. However, it is difficult to state any firm background of the mulmul cotton fabric. Talking about its first references, the book called “The Travels' ' written by Marco Polo in 1298 approximately mentions about the mulmul cotton fabric in detail. Talking about its history in Indian context, the traces of the mulmul cotton fabric by yard can be found in the regions of Bengal and Bangladesh. It was the weavers of Bangladesh and Bengal that introduced the mulmul cotton fabric by yard to the Indian society. They used to weave mulmul fabric using the technique called the discontinuous weft technique.

    When you talk about mulmul fabric, an Iraqi name strikes your mind. But do you know that this beautiful piece of fabric is known by different names in different parts of the world? If we talk about Europe, the mulmul cotton fabric goes by the name of Muslin fabric. As we said earlier that European markets treat mulmul cotton fabric as one of the top most commodities of trade, therefore the mulmul cotton fabric is famous mostly in Europe only. A large portion of the textile industry is dominated by the Mulmul fabric in Europe. 

    mulmul fabric online

    As we mentioned earlier, there are plenty of reasons to love mulmul fabric by yard. If we talk about the most prominent reason amongst all reasons, then it would be the attribute of softness. The mulmul cotton fabric by yard is one of the softest and most fine fabrics. The elegance of clothes made of the mulmul fabric by yard can never be matched.

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  2. Say Hi to comfortable sleep with night suits for women

    We have been in a race to search for the latest trends to shop and showcase our styles on different occasions. This has made us concentrate on what we wear to parties and other outings only. What about the night styles? Mahn! we need an up-gradation to our night style as well. Just to make your search easy, we have brought to you a cool collection of night suits for women. Dipped in the latest styles and designs, these night suits for women will make your nights fashionable. It is often that we tend to ignore night suits for women while shopping for style. Sleep is essential for a human, no doubt about that. But how do we get it in times of so much stress? It is simple. You can only have a good comfortable sleep if you are wearing some comfortable clothing. For a comfortable sleep, you need to find the best comfortable night suit for women. Such night suits that make you sleep like a baby. 

    Cotton Night Suit for ladies

    With Navyas Fashion around, you can choose from a variety of night suits for women. These days, night suits are not just meant for a comfortable sleep. They have become a style statement too. And for this, we would like to thank our Bollywood that has played a huge role in promoting block print night suits. The nightdresses come in various styles and designs so that you can choose the ideal nightwear for yourself. 

    It is high time that you also explore the amazing world of block print night suits for women. With Navyas Fashion at your fingertips, you can find block print night suits and other night suits for women right at just one click. With Navyas Fashion, you can explore a wide variety and buy night suits for women online. 

    Before we move further let us look at the history of night suits for women. The history of night suits for women can be traced back to at least the 16th century. In the late 17th century, women from the higher section in Western Europe started wearing nightgowns. This concept caught the eyes of the world and then began a revolution in the world of night suits for women. 

    Cute night suits for women

    As we said earlier, the demand for block print night suits is unmatched in current times. A lot of retailers have shifted to online platforms to promote their night suits for women. If you google around, you will come across several websites that promote night suits for women. But you need to look for authentic night suits. And when we speak about authenticity, Navyas Fashion strikes the mind of every woman. Navyas Fashion has built its name over the years. We have served thousands of customers all around India.

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  3. Get the Best Cotton Kurta Sets for Women Online Now!

    If you are living in India, kurtas for women is not something you have not heard about. If you are not living in India, it is not possible that you have no idea what is block printed kurtas for women. If you are visiting India, block print kurtas for women is the first and foremost thing that you will pack. Kurtas for women need no introduction. They have been a part of fashion since very long. It does not matter if you are an Indian or not, if you are living in India or not, the block printed kurtas for women will still attract you. This outfit is not something that you will find only in South Asia. Though it is famous in South-Asian region, its craze has crossed all boundaries.  

    cotton kurta sets for women

    There are certain things that can be restricted by the contours of boundaries but fashion and technology have no stopping. You be in any part of the world, fashion and technology will reach you anyway. One of the most primitive fashion statements of all times is block printed kurtas for women. There are several reasons why you should celebrate and embrace the kurtas for women's fashion. We will discuss these reasons in detail. 

    Before we start off, it is important to tell you how kurtas for women have evolved and how the craze for the same has been ever growing. It all started during the monarchy rule in India. Kurtas were famous amongst the courtiers of the king. The scholars and poets used to wear the elegant kurtas to the courts of the kings. During the mughal era, this tradition flew down to women. Women also developed the craze for block printed kurtas for women. And since then, kurtas for women started to be recognised as women's wear only. 

    Talking about kurtas as general, these are mostly worn during the festive time. Not just the women, but you will see men also donning the beautiful master-piece. Also wedding is one function where you would often see people wearing beautiful kurtas.

    block printed kurta sets online

    Kurtas for women is probably one of the oldest fashions that is still prevalent and continues to rule the minds of every woman. The popularity of block print kurtas for women is not only limited to the Indian territory but also in the global textile environment. The best part about a kurta for women is that it is not weather specific. You can wear them at any time of the season. Be it scorching summer or chilly winters, you can style them according to your needs.

    Kurta sets at Navyas Fashion
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  4. Start Summer Season with the New Block Printed Kaftans

    Summers are an indication of sweat, blazing heat, and an uncomfortable climate. We generally do not like to step out during summers. All our fashion is destroyed by the blazing gushing summer winds. We look for ways to keep our bodies cool and therefore the best way to combat your summer problems is by sitting in air-conditioned rooms. But, hello! If we keep sitting in air-conditioned rooms, how will we flaunt our latest styles? How will we figure in the social lenses? With social media there on almost all kinds of phones now, it is next to impossible for you to escape social lenses. And to combat this issue, you have block-printed kaftan dresses. This is one of the best fashion outfits ever made. The block printed kaftan is like a tailor-made solution for your summer problem.

    kaftan dresses

    We have got this opportunity after almost two years to step out of our homes and showcase our best sides. How do we plan to do it? The best way to do this is by wearing your brand new dresses. And when it comes to stepping out in the summers, then, of course, block printed kaftans are the best option for you.

    Block printed cotton kaftan dresses have been the talk of the town for a long time. Since the inception of kaftans, this dress has attracted everyone's attention. Earlier, the Arab people used to wear kaftan dresses. Kaftans were a symbol of royalty. But now, it is a top choice for every woman. It is not just because of the design of the cotton kaftan dresses that women love them, but because of several reasons.

    The most primordial reason amongst them is that it is an all weather dress. You can wear them in any weather you want. Be it summer, winter, or monsoon, a block print cotton kaftan dress is up there for you. The second reason is that it is a size-neutral dress. Women of all sizes can wear it. A plus-sized woman can also wear it and flaunt her beautiful fashionable side. The third and most important reason is that it is not something that is an event specific dress. You can wear block printed kaftan dresses in any event you want. Be it for your office outings, a casual get-together with friends, or a family gathering.

    cotton kaftan

    Why Shop kaftan dresses online at Navyas Fashion?
    Navyas Fashion is famous for its handpicked products. We try and bring to you the most unique kind of outfits that you might have not come across. The kind of variety that you will come across at Navyas Fashion for buying block printed kaftans dresses online is unmatched.

    It is time to amp up your summer style with the latest cotton kaftan dresses.

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  5. Try Out the Best In Class Block Print Dresses

    We would be very surprised if you say that you have never heard about block print dresses? There would not be a single person in the world who does not know about block print dresses. Even a person who is not connected to the world of the fashion industry would have an idea of what block print dresses are. Do you know? Do not worry. If you do not know, we are here to explain to you what the world of block print dresses looks like and what are the factors that make block print dresses famous amongst people of all ages. 

    block print dresses

    In simple terms, if we were to explain to you what block printed dresses for women are, we would say that they are the king of the fashion industry. They have been ruling the world of fashion for a long time. Not just the Sub-continent, but you go to any part of the globe and you'll see women of that country embracing the fashion of block printed dresses for women.  

    And what to say about the South-Asian region. Regions of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka are the epicenter of this beautiful outfit. Women here will be seen wearing the block printed dresses on every occasion. Not just any occasion, it is like a daily routine and daily outfit now. Women from all sections of society love block printed dresses. 

    If you are a fashion lover, you must be knowing that the fashion industry is one industry that never remains constant. Waves are hitting this industry every other day and the fashion changes. If there is one thing that changes as fast as time, it is our fashion. But the love for block printed dresses for women is still unchanged. It has been increasing day after day. 

    Historical Background of Block Print Dresses
    As we mentioned earlier, the block printed dresses for women are famous all around the globe. However, women of India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka are the actual torch-bearers of this tradition. It is difficult to highlight the actual time when the technique of block printing originated, but if historians are to be believed this began thousands of years ago in China. From China, it flew down to India and became home. 

    women's dresses online

    Buy Block Print Dresses for women at Navyas Fashion
    Navyas Fashion is not a new name in the world of fashion. It has been ruling the world of genuine block printed dresses for women. People prefer to buy block printed dresses and other dresses for women from Navyas Fashion because we still rely on the orthodox labor-intensive methods to create blocks on the dresses for women. We believe a human hand is much more worth than thousands of machines.

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  6. Witness the whole New World of Indian Print Cotton Fabric

    Indian print cotton fabrics require no introduction. Not just in India but if you go to any part of the globe you will come across a variety of daily use items that are made of Indian print cotton fabric. This fabric is used for a wide variety of purposes. Whether you are a fashion lover, non-fashion lover or a fashion student you must know the fact that India is a hub of textile. The variety of Indian print cotton fabric found in India is unmatched. And so is the usage. It is not just used for clothing but also to make a variety of stuff such as bed sheets, pillow covers and a lot more.

    Indian textile and Indian print cotton fabric is one thing that you can find in any country with ease.

    Indian print cotton fabric

    Indian Print Cotton Fabric Online at Affordable Prices
    When you put your trust in Indian fabrics by yard, you are trusting the quality as well as affordability. When we say quality of Indian fabrics by yard, we mean its durability and stretchability and comfort it offers. Indian print cotton fabrics by yard are durable for a long time. When we say comfort, we mean that you can wear them in any weather without ease and without compromising on your fashion quotient. Cotton fabrics are used for almost all types of clothing and are popular all over the world. The beautiful designs and patterns in different colors on Indian cotton fabric at the Navyas Fashion are what make them unique. A wide variety of prints such as block prints, floral pattern prints, ajrakh and many more can be found at Navyas Fashion. There are various advantages of shopping with Navyas Fashion. We understand that when you buy from real shops, you pay a greater price. But with Navyas Fashion, you can relax and shop tension free and do not need to worry about the prices.

    Indian Print fabrics at Navyas Fashion
    Now the main question that arises for consideration is why you should choose and shop your favorite Indian fabrics online at Navyas Fashion. Navyas Fashion is not just an online shopping destination. It is a lot more. It is a world of Indian print cotton fabrics. With Navyas Fashion you can shop for a variety of Indian fabrics by yard at just one place. There are multiple retail shops at which you can shop for Indian fabrics online. But if you are someone who prefers quality and affordability in your fabrics, then it is the Navyas Fashion that serves your purpose.

    Indian fabrics by yard

    Another thing that will compel you to look for Navyas Fashion is the variety. The variety of fabrics that you can shop for at Navyas Fashion is really commendable. If you are looking for the best in class Indian print cotton fabrics by yard for yourself, Navyas Fashion is your destination.

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  7. Give yourself the leisure of comfortable block print dresses

    Do you need to know what block print dresses? Really? Do you really want to know them? This would be surprising if you do not know about this. There would not be a single person, not just in India but even around the globe who does not know about the block print dresses for women. Block print dresses have been ruling the textile world since their inception.

    If you are a resident of the South-Asian subcontinent or even if you are a visitor, we will be surprised if you say that you did not come across anyone who is not wearing block print dresses. When it comes to block print dresses, you would witness that block print kaftans are the favorite dresses amongst the women.

    Especially now we are in times when summer is reigning. Summer means sultry weather when your body is looking comfy. Comfy means kaftans. When it comes to comfy clothes in the sultry summer, block print kaftans are the best suited outfit for you.

    Why do we say block print kaftans or designer kaftans are the best suited outfits for sultry summer? There are plenty of reasons for the same. The foremost reason for the same is a little philosophical in nature.

    One industry that is not constant ever is our industry, the textile industry. If there is anything that changes just with a snap of the finger, that is the textile industry. But do you know what, nothing has changed the love and affection for block print dresses for women?

    Historical Background of Block Print Dresses
    Speaking about the block printed dresses, the dresses have been popular in the sub-continent regions of India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and to a certain extent in Sri Lanka as well. Not just that but people from all over the world prefer this fashion.

    Block print dresses have been prevalent for many centuries.

    Block Print Kaftans
    Kaftans have been popular amongst women from all age groups. There is a reason why every woman loves wearing a designer kaftan for women. A block print kaftan for women is made on the tagline 'Fit for all'. This means that despite being of any size or height, a woman can opt for block print kaftans. Apart from that, characteristics like loose, breathable, and comfortable making them the apt choice for this summer.

    Buy Block Print Dresses for women at Navyas Fashion
    Navyas Fashion is an established name when it comes to clothes for women. At Navyas Fashion you can shop for the best designer kaftans, block print kaftans, and other block print dresses for women. We would say that if you do not own a block print dress for yourself, you are seriously missing out on a major fashion.
    Now is the time to fill your wardrobe with some stylish block print dresses, kaftans, and designer kaftans for women.

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  8. Why do you need hand block print fabrics?

    Hand block print fabrics do not need any introduction. If you are looking for versatile looks, block print fabrics by the yard are what you need. But why do we need hand block print fabrics? Do they give us something special? Of course yes. Hand block print fabrics are one of the most special kinds of fabrics. The craft is famous in the Asian subcontinent region. Some of the most prominent places like India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh are the places where you will find an unmatched craze for hand block print fabrics.

    hand block print fabrics

    Do you know block printing of fabrics by the yard is one of the most ancient forms of technology to decorate a piece of fabric? It was invented some thousand years ago in the regions of China. From China, it flew into India and since then, block printing on fabric by the yard has become an integral part of our textile industry.

    It is not just the history or final product that drives people from all over the world crazy for hand block print fabrics. The process to make each product has its own charm. In a world where technology has taken over our lives, the technique of hand block print fabrics by yard still relies on the manual modes of printing. In this technique, the craftsman uses dye and teak blocks to imprint block prints on the fabric. In this technique, a craftsman carves teak blocks into various designs and fills them with different colors. Then he imprints each teak on the fabric with utmost diligence. You would be surprised to see the amount of attention the craftsman has to put into imprinting each design.

    Talking about the usage of hand block print fabrics, you can use them to make salwar kameez, masks, bed sheets, and various other handcrafted options.


    block printed fabrics online

    Buy Indian Hand block Print Fabrics Online
    With the advent of the latest technological advancements, shopping has become way easier. Now you can easily shop for your favorite Indian hand block print fabrics online by sitting on your couch and sipping in your favorite cold coffee. All you need to do is visit the website of Navyas Fashion and explore a variety of Indian hand block print fabrics. Not just hand block print fabrics, but you can also explore other outfits like kaftans, kurtas, and a lot more.

    Why is Navyas Fashion the best place to buy hand block print fabrics?
    Navyas Fashion is synonymous with authentic designs and prints. At Navyas Fashion you can shop for the most authentic product. Be it the quality of fabric or design or our service, we are sure nothing will let you down. One shopping order will compel you to shop more and more at Navyas Fashion.

    If you do not possess hand block print fabrics you are missing on a major fashion.

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  9. Why Ladies Should Wear Kaftan Dresses

    Almost all of India is now under the gasp of summer. Summer, as we hate to say, is one season when all your fashion statements go haywire. There is no way you can opt for your favorite dresses in the most stylish manner. There would be at least one or other factor where you'll have to compromise. But why compromise when you have the best solution to deal with summer problems. As they say, there is a solution to every problem. Just like that, there is a solution to your fashion problem as well. It is only and only the kaftan dresses. We say that you can easily bet on a kaftan dress or a kaftan top. 

    kaftan dresses

    Why do we say the Kaftan dress is one solution to your many problems?

    Cotton kaftan dresses are free-flowing and loose gowns. These free-flowing cotton kaftan tops reach to your ankles. Designed in vivid colors and hues, the cotton kaftan dresses look lively during the summer season. Apart from that, we also have several reasons to sport a kaftan dress this summer. Some of the reasons for promoting kaftan tops are as follows:

    1. Size: Kaftan dresses come with the tagline “one size fits all”. This tagline makes a cotton kaftan a perfect choice for women across all body types and age groups. 

    2. Comfort: A kaftan top is very light and breezy which keeps your body comfortable. This allows you to don kaftan dresses on almost any occasion. In fact, the comfort factor is one thing that makes the kaftan tops an eligible contender for night suits as well. 

    3. Style: Another factor for promoting kaftan tops is the fact that they are the most vibrant and colorful when they come in different patterns. 

    4. Beachwear: The cotton kaftans or kaftan tops can also be packed for a perfect beach vacation. Breezy and easy, these kaftan dresses accentuate your look. Whether it's a holiday trip or a beach party, you can wear these kaftan dresses at any time to look good on all occasions. 

    We just discussed why you should prefer a kaftan dress for this summer. But, this is not enough. There are certain things that you need to take care of when you purchase a kaftan dress for yourself. Some of the things are as follows:

    block print kaftan

    Factors determining the Perfect Kaftan

    1. The Right Fabric 
      The flowy fabric it is usually made of can make your dress look inappropriate for the occasion you want it unless you upgrade its look with carefully selected accessories. 

    2. The Right Length
      A medium-length, cotton kaftan is much more preferred for a day in the office, especially when teamed up with a pair of leggings whereas a short kaftan is an excellent choice for a casual outing.

    If you are looking to buy kaftan dresses online, you have only one place to look at.

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  10. Diversity in the Indian Fabrics

    During our childhood, our schools always used to teach us that India is characterized as a land of diversity. Truly it is. Be it the number of languages spoken or the weather conditions or textiles or food preferences, the list is a never-ending one. In fact, you may be surprised when you take a whole India tour. From the array of delicacies to the interesting customs, traditions, and festivals we celebrate, every state has its own cultural identity. As you roam around India, you will see people wearing different attires. Despite being one nation, we have different attires in different regions. Isn't it interesting? Well, this is India for you. This is why India is termed as one of the most diversified nations across the globe. You will be surprised to know that not just the outfits, but the fabrics used to make such outfits also differ from region to region in India. There is an ample variety of Indian fabrics that you can come across. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, every region has its handloom techniques that are used to weave many unique fabrics. 

    Indian fabric online

    In this article, we will try to bring to you different Indian fabrics available in India. 

    Some of the most prominent of them are:

    Starting from Eastern India, if you go to Arunachal Pradesh, you would come across an Indian fabric called Apatani. Apatani Indian fabric comes from the Apatani tribes found in Arunachal Pradesh. This fabric by the yard is known for its geometric designs and patterns mainly the angular designs and zig-zag patterns.

    Another Eastern Indian state famous for Indian fabric is Assam. In Assam, you will come across the fabric by yard called Muga silk. Muga silk has a prominence of its own. Muga Indian fabric silk is also known as the golden fiber because it has a gold tint. The specialty of this fiber is that the luster of this fiber increases with every wash. 

    Indian fabric by yard online

    Moving to Northern India, if we go to Himanchal Pradesh, we will find Kullu shawls. Kullu shawls are made of three kinds of Indian fabrics by the yard. The three kinds of wool are Merino wool, Angora wool, and the normal sheep wool. These are handwoven and therefore a little costly. Despite being costly, demand for Kullu shawls in India and abroad is unmatchable. 

    Next state that we will visit in Punjab. When you think of Punjab, you suddenly remember the ladies in Patiala suits usually teamed up with phulkari dupattas. The phulkari refers to the embroidery of flower motifs. 

    Moving to Western India, we visit Rajasthan. Rajasthan is famous for Indian fabric called shisha. The shisha means mirror and this is a kind of embroidery work done on the outfits.

    And finally, let us look at Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is famous for Kanjeevaram silk Indian fabric. The Kanjeevaram silk fabric by the yard is used to make sarees.

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