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Kantha fabric has been very popular in hindu culture made of waste thread majorly in West Bengal

Kantha is one of the most popular fabrics made of waste fabric and running stitch. It is stitched in such a pattern that the embroidered product turns out beautifully. The thread work of kantha stitch has become so much popular that it is now woven across south Asia predominantly in west Bengal from where it has its origin. Parts of Odisha and Bangladesh also produces fabric made of kantha stitch pattern. It is the most sustainable fashion design where nothing gets wasted. All the tits and bits of fabric left from designing the other products are used to design a beautiful new set, be it a rug, a saree or a dhoti. The colourful pattern adds further boldness to the final result. The weaving pattern has an aura of itself and we can now see kantha print fabric in the market. Being on the higher end of the cost because of the handmade fabric, the printed fabric has gained more popularity and we can see the patterns being used in most wearables and non-wearables. Bedsheets, sarees etc are now available with kantha stitch print fabric.

Kantha Fabric by the yard popular in west bengal
If you have seen crochet work, kantha also follows a similar pattern while being made into beautiful patterns. Made out delicately with needlework by the skilled people majorly situated in rural India, Kantha fabric has made a valuable market of its own. In Bengal, most people use it for the auspicious occasion during puja. Most of the asanas used during puja during Hindu festivals are made of kantha stitched cloth.

Indian traditional items are majorly made of sustainable items. Be it the utensils made of Kansa or pottery work, similarly, clothing is also made of sustainable products. Be it linen, cotton or silk. The handloom industry flourishes with products that are easy to procure in India and are designed beautifully in the handloom. We love how Bengal has been the home of many traditional artistic products. It not only is handmade but provides employment opportunities to many skilled artisans.

Kantha Print Fabric Digitally Made in Factories
Kantha print fabric is usually made of digital print in factories and is machine-made. The look might be the same but the quality deteriorates with the digital print. When you plan to buy kantha fabric online, you might notice many formats of digital prints and handmade ones. Know the difference and choose wisely. We at Navyas Fashion house make sure that our products are authentic and are of origin.