1. Why Ladies Should Wear Kaftan Dresses

    Almost all of India is now under the gasp of summer. Summer, as we hate to say, is one season when all your fashion statements go haywire. There is no way you can opt for your favorite dresses in the most stylish manner. There would be at least one or other factor where you'll have to compromise. But why compromise when you have the best solution to deal with summer problems. As they say, there is a solution to every problem. Just like that, there is a solution to your fashion problem as well. It is only and only the kaftan dresses. We say that you can easily bet on a kaftan dress or a kaftan top. 

    kaftan dresses

    Why do we say the Kaftan dress is one solution to your many problems?

    Cotton kaftan dresses are free-flowing and loose gowns. These free-flowing cotton kaftan tops reach to your ankles. Designed in vivid colors and hues, the cotton kaftan dresses look lively during the summer season. Apart from that, we also have several reasons to sport a kaftan dress this summer. Some of the reasons for promoting kaftan tops are as follows:

    1. Size: Kaftan dresses come with the tagline “one size fits all”. This tagline makes a cotton kaftan a perfect choice for women across all body types and age groups. 

    2. Comfort: A kaftan top is very light and breezy which keeps your body comfortable. This allows you to don kaftan dresses on almost any occasion. In fact, the comfort factor is one thing that makes the kaftan tops an eligible contender for night suits as well. 

    3. Style: Another factor for promoting kaftan tops is the fact that they are the most vibrant and colorful when they come in different patterns. 

    4. Beachwear: The cotton kaftans or kaftan tops can also be packed for a perfect beach vacation. Breezy and easy, these kaftan dresses accentuate your look. Whether it's a holiday trip or a beach party, you can wear these kaftan dresses at any time to look good on all occasions. 

    We just discussed why you should prefer a kaftan dress for this summer. But, this is not enough. There are certain things that you need to take care of when you purchase a kaftan dress for yourself. Some of the things are as follows:

    block print kaftan

    Factors determining the Perfect Kaftan

    1. The Right Fabric 
      The flowy fabric it is usually made of can make your dress look inappropriate for the occasion you want it unless you upgrade its look with carefully selected accessories. 

    2. The Right Length
      A medium-length, cotton kaftan is much more preferred for a day in the office, especially when teamed up with a pair of leggings whereas a short kaftan is an excellent choice for a casual outing.

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  2. Diversity in the Indian Fabrics

    During our childhood, our schools always used to teach us that India is characterized as a land of diversity. Truly it is. Be it the number of languages spoken or the weather conditions or textiles or food preferences, the list is a never-ending one. In fact, you may be surprised when you take a whole India tour. From the array of delicacies to the interesting customs, traditions, and festivals we celebrate, every state has its own cultural identity. As you roam around India, you will see people wearing different attires. Despite being one nation, we have different attires in different regions. Isn't it interesting? Well, this is India for you. This is why India is termed as one of the most diversified nations across the globe. You will be surprised to know that not just the outfits, but the fabrics used to make such outfits also differ from region to region in India. There is an ample variety of Indian fabrics that you can come across. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, every region has its handloom techniques that are used to weave many unique fabrics. 

    Indian fabric online

    In this article, we will try to bring to you different Indian fabrics available in India. 

    Some of the most prominent of them are:

    Starting from Eastern India, if you go to Arunachal Pradesh, you would come across an Indian fabric called Apatani. Apatani Indian fabric comes from the Apatani tribes found in Arunachal Pradesh. This fabric by the yard is known for its geometric designs and patterns mainly the angular designs and zig-zag patterns.

    Another Eastern Indian state famous for Indian fabric is Assam. In Assam, you will come across the fabric by yard called Muga silk. Muga silk has a prominence of its own. Muga Indian fabric silk is also known as the golden fiber because it has a gold tint. The specialty of this fiber is that the luster of this fiber increases with every wash. 

    Indian fabric by yard online

    Moving to Northern India, if we go to Himanchal Pradesh, we will find Kullu shawls. Kullu shawls are made of three kinds of Indian fabrics by the yard. The three kinds of wool are Merino wool, Angora wool, and the normal sheep wool. These are handwoven and therefore a little costly. Despite being costly, demand for Kullu shawls in India and abroad is unmatchable. 

    Next state that we will visit in Punjab. When you think of Punjab, you suddenly remember the ladies in Patiala suits usually teamed up with phulkari dupattas. The phulkari refers to the embroidery of flower motifs. 

    Moving to Western India, we visit Rajasthan. Rajasthan is famous for Indian fabric called shisha. The shisha means mirror and this is a kind of embroidery work done on the outfits.

    And finally, let us look at Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is famous for Kanjeevaram silk Indian fabric. The Kanjeevaram silk fabric by the yard is used to make sarees.

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  3. Night Gowns for Women Are the Next Big Fashion

    We have come a long way in terms of fashion. Earlier, we only used to dress up during day functions or some evening gatherings. There was no concept of night fashion. Therefore, we only had options for day fashion. But, things have changed over time. Now it is not just about the day but also nights. It is not just about fashionable days but fashionable nights as well. If days can be stylish, then why cannot be the nights? Do you also think this way? If there are so many options for day fashion then why not for the night? Don't we want to add fashion to our simple nights? Owing to these questions, we bring you our latest collection of night gowns for women.

    block printed night gowns

    Nowadays, people have started to embrace their fashionable sides at night. It is a bygone time when the night suits or the nightgowns used to be very simple and sober. And it is no guesser why. The motive of night gowns for women was to give a comfort factor to the women wearing them. However, with the change in time, all of us have been wanting more of ourselves. We do not want to compromise with our fashion sense. The fashion quotient is uncompromisable. And night gowns for women, that Navyas Fashion brings to you, are the result of your fashionable needs only. It would not be wrong to say that plain women's night gowns are a thing of a bygone age.

    As we said earlier, women want to embrace their fashion at the night as well. So, women’s night gowns have become one of the most sought-after apparel. These night gowns for women are a blend of comfort and style, a characteristic of the perfect outfit.

    Nights are no more just meant for a good sound sleep. Now, everyone wants to showcase their stylish side even during night times. And this has happened because of the social camera lenses with which all of us are surrounded. Embracing night fashion becomes more important for that as well. To make you stylish, we present you with our beautiful collection of nightgowns specially designed for your night styles. These night gowns for women are a personification of style and comfort.

    night gowns for women

    We have spoken a lot about night gowns for women. But have we ever wondered how the journey of women's night gowns started? Women's night gowns came into foray around 1920. However, this trend of night gowns for women was very short-lived.

    Stylish women's night gowns are a must-have item in your wardrobes. When you are looking for stylish nightgowns for women, Navyas Fashion is what strikes your mind. Navyas Fashion has a vivid variety of colors and fine quality fabric. With Navyas Fashion, you can buy your favorite Women's nightgown online itself.

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  4. Time to Switch to Block Printed Fabrics!

    What is a life which does not have colors in it? Colors represent different phases of life. Similarly, a textile industry without colors is nothing. The textile industry would not survive if there is no color in it. The best way to make textiles colorful is by using hand block printing techniques. Hand block print fabrics have been there for a long time. Nothing has changed the love for hand block printed fabrics in the minds of our fashionistas. Everyone says that words like 'permanent' and 'constant' are not present in the dictionary of the textile industry. Yeah, you read that right. There is nothing called permanent and constant in our industry. However, if you look at the journey of hand block printed fabrics, you will realize this is one major fabric technique that has added 'permanent' and 'constant' words to the dictionary of the textile industry.

    block printed fabric

    Block print fabrics around the world
    Block print fabrics have been famous in the Indian community. But do you think it is only restricted to Indian territory? Not at all! Love for hand block printed fabrics spans over the world. It is not just in India but people from all over the world love block printed fabrics. People from all sections of life and borders love hand-block print fabrics. It is not just in India, but people from across the globe are fascinated by block print fabrics. The love for this fabric has various reasons which we will discuss in the latter half of this article.

    Earlier it was difficult to buy block print fabrics by the yard. But not anymore. At least till the time, Navyas Fashion is at your service. With Navyas Fashion, you can purchase your favorite hand block print fabrics by the yard on the online platform.

    It is easier for the block print fabrics to make a mark in a country like India. India is known for its diversity and diversity brings recognition for a lot of things. Similarly, the block print fabrics by yard have made their mark by blending in different cultures thriving in India. This is one of the reasons that you would find different kinds of hand block printed fabrics in different parts of India. And we can bet on the fact that you would not come across the same kind of block prints in different parts.

    hand block printed fabric

    Reasons for the popularity of block printed fabric
    Block print fabrics have made a mark in the fashion industry. The primary reason for the same is the technique. This category of designing still thrives on manual modes of making the block printed fabrics. This is the main reason why each and every piece of hand block printed fabric looks different from another.

    If you are looking for block printed fabrics, you only have to look in one place.

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  5. Revamp your night styles with night suits for women

    If someone comes to you and asks, according to you, what is one thing that cannot remain constant, what will be your answer? The simplest of our answers would be time. Time is one thing that does not remain constant. Since our childhood, we have been hearing that 'time and tide waits for none'. But we think there is another thing that is highly volatile. In our understanding, even fashion doesn't wait for anyone. We have been seeing over the years that fashion cannot be restricted to any boundaries. Fashion has surpassed the contours of boundaries today. Therefore fashion is the most volatile thing one can imagine today. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that “in the world of temporary fashion, Fashion is the most temporary thing”. Similarly, the fashion for women's wear changes over time. We can understand the day's fashion, what about the night? Forget about that, do women have options for night fashion? Had this question been asked some years ago, we would have answered it negatively, but not anymore. The answer lies in night suits for women

    Night suits for women have become one of the most popular apparels for women so much that it is impossible to believe your collection of stylish outfits if you do not possess a night suit for women.

    Women's nightwear has become renowned for a number of years now. And this is the reason why you can shop for women's nightwear online. You will come across a number of retailers placing their best stock and selling women's nightwear online. 

    Just like other apparel, the night suits for women have also witnessed many changes in their styles and designs. Earlier, you would come across only plain gowns or plain shirts and pajamas for a night suit. But now, this piece of apparel has undergone several changes. Now, you would see women opting for block print night suits. Yes, you read it right. Block print night suits are one of the highest sellers when it comes to women's night suits online. 

    Nights are no more meant for a good night's sleep. It has evolved as one of those hours of the day when you can showcase your style in a different manner. Block print night suits are one of the means to showcase your stylish side in the night. 

    When it comes to purchasing women's night suits online, you will come across several retailers who have extended their business to online platforms during the covid period. But stylish women's night suits online are only available at Navyas Fashion. Navyas Fashion is your one-stop shopping destination when it comes to shopping for women's night suits online. Navyas Fashion is known for its branding, quality, and after-sale services when it comes to buying women's night suits online. 

    What are you waiting for? 

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  6. Get Your Style Intact With Kurta Sets for Women

    In times of pandemic, our lifestyle has undergone a massive change. Lockdowns have forced us to stay at home. The all-new collections that we shopped for just before the pandemic were locked in our wardrobes for a long time. But now, as the situation is improving, we are getting back to our pre-covid lifetime. It is time now to bring out our stylish collections and lead a fashionable life once again. But if you are thinking of shopping for some better ethnic collections for yourselves, we have brought you the best-in-class kurta sets for women

    kurta sets for women

    Fashion is something that cannot be limited to boundaries. We would say that fashion cannot be caged into one area or region. We are living in the world of digitalization, it is impossible to save yourselves from social cameras. We believe that it is not just about social cameras but also yourself. There is no reason why you should not treat yourself with kurta sets for women. The question is how can we remain fashionable at all times? We would say kurta sets for women are the best option. 

    What options do we have for kurta sets for women? When it comes to kurtas, it is the block print kurtas for women that take the first spot in ethnic wear. Block print kurtas for women have always been every woman's preference. Women's block print kurta sets are highly preferred in the fashion industry for their styles. One of the factors contributing to the high demand for women's block print kurta is the comfort offered by them to the wearer. Another reason to opt for kurtas sets for women is that they can be worn in all kinds of weather. Women's block print kurtas can easily be worn in sultry summer conditions and can even be paired up in frost-biting winters. 

    You must be wondering why we are being emphatic about the cotton kurta sets for women in this article. There are plenty of reasons. The foremost of them is that despite it being one of the oldest fashion styles, it has never lost its charm among fashion lovers. Fashion lovers still have their utmost preference for cotton kurtas sets for women.

    online kurta sets

    Kurta sets at Navyas Fashion

    The next question is why Navyas Fashion? Navyas Fashion has recently come up with its new collection of kurta sets for women that are just appropriate to math your style quotient. Laden with intricate hand block prints, this collection makes it a must-have collection in your wardrobe. Stylish block print patterns, vivid colors, and some exotic designs are what make our collection a top-most collection to have in your wardrobes. What are you waiting for? Don’t devoid your fashionable closets of the beautiful kurta sets collection. This collection is something you do not want to miss out on. 

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  7. Tweak your Style With the Block Printed Kurtas for Women

    When we talk about ethnic styles, a lot of things cross our minds. But one thing is common that will strike everyone's mind, and that is block printed kurtas for women. The block printed kurta for women has a fan following of its own. It is not difficult to understand why block print kurtas for women are so famous. Their popularity is widely attributed to traits like style, comfort, and easy maintenance. Another trait that sets the block-printed kurtas for women apart from their contemporaries is the intricate designs and patterns imprinted on the kurtas. Even in the age of technological advancements, these kurtas for women follow a labor-intensive approach. 

    As we said earlier, these women's kurtas are easy-to-maintain, they look elegant, they are ever trendy, and most importantly, they provide you with comfort. The block print kurtas for women are all-season friendly. Despite the fashion industry undergoing several revolutions, the block-printed kurtas for women have not found any substitute for themselves. They are like old wine that gets better with age. 

    Let us look at the history of kurtas for women. This outfit has been popular majorly in the South Asian continent. Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and certain parts of Srilanka have had their love for block print kurtas for women for many centuries. Slowly, this outfit became famous amongst the women, and now women are mainly seen wearing a kurta. 

    Block print kurtas for women need no introduction. They have been in tradition for a long time. Women of all ages love to style themselves in stylish traditional kurtas. Be it a festive time or any social gathering, or a wedding season, an ethnic kurta for women is the first thing that strikes a woman's mind. Their elegance, royal look, and emotions of traditional cultures put them as the most preferred choice over western ethnic dresses. People of all age groups are attracted to the block-printed kurta. It is not just the women who love wearing kurtas, but even men do. Hence, you will find a distinction between kurta for women and kurta for men. It is not very difficult to discern the popularity of block print kurtas for women. The answer is simple. 

    When it comes to block printed kurtas for women, you have only one place to go. It is your only Navyas Fashion. With Navyas Fashion at your service, you can easily buy block printed women's kurta online. At Navyas Fashion, each women's kurta online is handcrafted to bring you the most fashionable and unique product. Navyas Fashion has made a name for itself in the field of women's kurta online. We have been serving customers from all sections. 

    If you still do not have a block print kurta for women in your closet, you are missing out on a major fashion trend. 

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  8. Vibe Up Your Winters with Cotton Quilted Jackets

    Throughout our lives, we have heard that India is a country of diversity. And we do not disagree with it. And that is true. The diversity in India can be witnessed in terms of geographical areas, languages, races, and weather. Speaking of the weather, we are in winter. Winters have set in. And as the winter sets in, the woolen and other warm outfits start to trend. Today we will speak more about jackets. One of the most famous fashion statements for winters is the Jackets. Jackets are our basic saviors from the frostbiting chilly winter winds. Traditional jackets are heavy and bulky. They cover up our other outfits. To protect ourselves from winter winds, we have to cover ourselves with those bulky jackets. But is it possible to don jackets without compromising on our fashion needs? The answer is ‘yes’, it is possible. But how? How can we stay fashionable even with those heavy bulky jackets? The answer is very simple. With the Cotton Quilted Jackets. Simply put, it is the Cotton Quilted Jackets that have given a solution to our questions. Cotton Quilted jackets have given our winter style a new lease of life. 

    buy cotton quilted jackets

    Before discussing the cotton quilted jackets, let us see the history of reversible cotton quilted coats. Let us trace the history of these quilted jackets. Mr. Steve Guylas is credited with the introduction of cotton quilted jackets. Mr. Steve Guylas, an American national who shifted to the United Kingdom, gave us the first glimpse of these cotton quilted jackets. He began with a quilted vest and went on to introduce the quilted jackets to the world. Soon they became a popular outfit amongst the colleagues of Mr. Steve Guylas. After that, it needed no market. It became one of the most common outfits in the fashion industry.

    There was a time when jackets used to be simple, heavy, bulky, and were just a prop to save us from winters. But with the advent of cotton quilted jackets, the scenarios have changed. The revolution in the jackets can be attributed to factors like development in technology and globalizing market economies. These Jaipur jackets for women have added various options to the fashion line of women all around the world. It seems as if a wardrobe without a reversible quilted coat for women is an incomplete fashion wardrobe.

    cotton quilted jackets for women

    Since that time, these jackets have been on a revolution spree. Nowadays, the cotton quilted jackets that give you a sturdy look are common in almost all wardrobes. We at Navyas Fashion are recognized for our Jaipur jacket for women and reversible quilted coats. We deal in pure cotton quilted jackets with the finest art done on them. With our Reversible coats for women, you get to choose 2 sides in one jacket serving you with your fashion needs and that too at a very economical rate.

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  9. New Year Means New Style with Block Printed Kurtas

    Block printed kurtas for women need no briefing. They are there in almost all wardrobes for a long time. The best thing about cotton kurtas for women is that they are loved by people of all ages. Block printed kurta for women are usually preferred during festive times. Festive time is that time of the year when traditional or ethnic outfits are high on demand. And whenever we talk about ethnic wear, cotton kurtas for women or the block printed kurta take the first spot. It is not just the women, but even men love wearing kurtas.

    When we talk about ethnic styles, a lot of things strike our minds. But when we talk about ethnic wear, only block printed kurtas or cotton kurtas for women stick to our minds. Cotton kurtas for women have a fan base of their own. It is not difficult to understand why block printed kurtas are so famous. Its popularity is widely attributed to its traits like style, comfort, and easy-to-maintain. 

    Let us also succinctly look through the history of block printed cotton kurtas for women. It is no guess that cotton kurtas for women originated in the Asian subcontinent. Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and certain parts of Sri Lanka have had their substantial love for block printed kurtas for many centuries. And this craze for cotton kurtas for women has carried forward from the times of monarchs. Poets, scholars, and other courtiers used to wear this ethnic outfit. Slowly, this outfit became famous amongst the women, and now women are mainly seen wearing a kurta. And therefore, we have a separate category of cotton kurtas for women now.  

    Have you wondered what makes the cotton kurtas for women highly preferred? The cotton kurtas for women are elegant and are easy to maintain. They are always trendy, and they fit your comfort level also. The block printed kurta for women are loved because they are all-season friendly. Cotton kurtas for women are one kind of apparel that has never been exposed to any kind of change or revolution despite the fashion industry undergoing several changes.

    When it comes to buying women's kurta online, Navyas Fashion is your one-stop shopping destination. At Navyas Fashion, you can buy your favorite women's kurta online. With Navyas Fashion around, you do not have to worry about going outdoors during this pandemic. We bring to you a whole range of block printed kurtas for women and various other apparel for women under one roof on the online platform. You can easily lay back on your couch and sip your favorite coffee and buy your favorite women's kurta online.

    Do not miss out on your favorite block printed kurta and cotton kurtas for women. 

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  10. Bring Back the Hues of Stylish Kaftans In Your Wardrobes

    In some time, Indian weather will shift to summer. When one thinks of summer, the first thing that strikes the mind is hot and sweaty weather. We start thinking about the clothing options we have. Summertimes are the time when our bodies are looking for the most breathable fabrics. We have very limited options when it comes to 'breathable' fabrics. At the same time, we are not ready to negotiate with our fashionable side. We want to be trendy even when the weather is totally against it. At no point in time, fashion trends can be compromised. Then what is it that gives us the luxury of comfort as well as fashion? In the first place do we have anything of that sort? Of course yet. There is an answer to every question. We don't need many options to answer this. The first thing that comes to mind is kaftan Kurti or a simple kaftan. The most breathable and yet fashionable outfit, that sets the summer trends on fire is the kaftan. The block printed kaftans can be made both out of silk and cotton.

    kaftan for women

    Historical Background
    It is easy to talk about block printed kaftans or just kaftans, but it is also relevant to glance through a brief history of kaftans. Before talking more about the kaftans, let us peek through their history. The kaftan outfit was introduced to the world in the 16th century in Morocco. But if historians are to be believed, then this outfit was worn way before the 16th Century in the areas of the Middle East and Persia. It is believed that the Ottoman Sultans of the 14th Century used to don the lavishly designed kaftans. 

    Since its introduction to the world, the kaftan has undergone several revolutions. A new decade brought a new revolution to its design and usage. You would rarely come across a simple kaftan dress. Now we see block printed Kaftan becoming more common. They are one of the most sought-after outfits in the contemporary period. Apart from comfort, what sets apart the block printed kaftan is the fact that they can be dressed up with any bottom. You can easily wear it with a pair of jeans or with dhoti pants. However, if you are not desirous of pairing it with any bottom wear, you can also opt for long kaftans.

    block printed kaftan

    Kaftans at Navyas Fashion
    Just like block printed kaftans, you can opt for kaftan Kurti which is also in vogue in the present time. Hand blocks are a symbol of rich heritage of India which we harness. With Navyas Fashion, you can buy kaftans with a single click while resting in your comfortable home. 

    If you are looking for the best kaftans or hand block printed kaftans, Navyas Fashion is your one-stop shopping destination. At Navyas Fashion, you can shop for your favorite kaftan online. 

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