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In summers, one of the best ways to keep your body cool is by wearing styles that are lightweight. Leave it up to a fabric like Mulmul that will let you delve in its beauty and softness and guarantees to keep you sweat-free, no matter where you go.

Mulmul is finely weaved from cotton and is also famous by the name Muslin. The fabric has been around for more than 1000 years and is one of the most prized possessions of India. Dhaka was the origin of this fabric, which later became the most used fabric and thereon began its trade. After the British rule, even though the fabric declined in its usage, as time passed, it revived again and it's now found in most of the wardrobes.

It's the country's favourite fabric, without a shadow of a doubt. The trend of his fabric has moved to India and many designers are curating styles made out this beautiful fabric and showcasing it in modern silhouettes.

Mulmul Styles At Navyas Fashion

So for all the ones who wish to lay their hands on a variety of this soft fabric, that promises to upgrade your style, head stat to Navyas Fashion. With so many designs and patterns, you can then turn the beautiful mulmul fabric into a contemporary style.

We provide a plethora of fabrics, infused with a variety of hues, block prints, etc. that are bound to meet your style needs. Speaking of its quality, this lightweight fabric is made with high quality and original cotton weaves which ensures you have the best time of your life as you adorn it. Turn them into tops, shirts or dresses or even Men's shirts for that matter, all of them will turn out to be breezy and comfortable for you.

Just with a gentle detergent and handwash, this fabric will stay as it is. Not just that, if preserved correctly, this will stay put for years to come. Just ensure you don't leave it to dry for a very long time.

Worried about the fabric shrinking? It won't if you make sure it is taken care of properly. This sustainable fabric is making waves in the industry right now. Being breathable in nature, the fabric absorbs moisture, keeping you at ease, when you wear it in the scorching heat.

Why Navyas Fashion For Mulmul?

We make your dreams of wearing stylish and comfortable styles come true. The fabrics made under our label promise to elevate your style statement and with a touch of Indian heritage, you will definitely stand out from the crowd. With a large selection, you will definitely feel spoilt for a choice but what we can guarantee is no matter what you choose, our fabrics will leave you ordering more from us. So, what are you waiting? Start adding to cart, order and get happiness delivered at your doorstep.

Mulmul Fabric

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