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India is a country of rich heritage. Its diversity and rich heritage need no introduction. People around the world recognize it as the 'Land of Diversities'. The diversity is manifest in its language, weather, climatic conditions, traditions, and culture. It is not just the diversity that remains the talk of the town, it is also the kind of outfits that are famous all around the country.

Traditional outfits differ at almost every 10 kilometers in India. What you see at one place would be different from the other place. Although the difference would not be very much notable when you travel within the states. However, traveling from one state to another would get you highly noticeable fashion change. This change can be credited to our varied preferences and of course our handloom industry.

Indian Handwoven Apparel Industry

Indian handloom industry has a name all around the world. Handwoven fabric from India is exported to almost all the countries around the globe. It is due to the adept skills and quality of fabric that is produced here. Credit for this high demand for Indian fabric goes to the weavers. These Indian weavers toil day in and day out to bring to you the best raw material for the fabric to be woven. These raw materials are then processed to convert them into fine yards of threads. These threads or yarns are weaved together to make a fabric.

Preparation of Handloom Fabrics

What is most worthy to note is that in India still traditional methods of extracting and processing raw material are used. It is due to this that the quality of fabric remains intact and subsequently leads to a better output. This is all because of the level of human touch that remains in making the final fabric. Anything that has a human touch involved in it would reap better results than a machine-made thing.

Traditional hand weaving has kept the Indian textiles afloat against the other countries. In fact, now even the foreign countries have started to switch back to the traditional forms because of the elegance they reap for the fabric.

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