The Creative Art of Ajrakh Fabric

Ajrakh Fabric has its own place in the world of apparels. Ajrakh fabric is a special art of block printing that has a very detailed block printing mechanism which makes them different from other forms of block printing. The colors which are mostly used to make and give a contrasting effect to the decoration of the fabric include more variations other than red, green, blue, black and yellow.

The Ajrakh fabric has come a long way. Ajrakh fabric can be traced back to 2500 B.C. The popularity of traces of Ajrakh print fabric can also be made out of the fact that it was one of the famous and most demanding fabrics in the Indus Civilization which is considered to be the innovators of this method of block printing.

Despite the fact that Ajrakh fabric has been as old as 2500 B.C. still the patterns and designs of Ajrakh fabrics have gone substantially unchanged. Ajrakh print fabric is considered to be one of the most difficult forms of block printing because it requires application of patterning and alternating with designs and colors. Preparation of Ajrakh Fabric is a time consuming process which starts with washing the cloth multiple times to soften the fabric followed by treating the fabric with natural dyes and mordants such as lime, indigo and harda

Over the years, demand for Ajrakh fabric has multiplied manifolds. The reason for the same is the natural materials with which the print fabric is produced. Today, the fashion lovers look for materials which add style to their fashion and at the same time cater to the need of eco-friendly fashion materials which are not harsh to their skin. What else can be looked for other than Ajrakh fabric which fulfills all the demands of the fashion world!

We at Navyas Fashion have gained a name in Ajrakh fabric because of our dedication and quality of work done to make each Ajrakh print fabric look elegant and most importantly keep its natural texture alive. We follow the resist painting form which is used to create varied designs and patterns with different colors. The process of Resist painting allows for exclusive absorption of the dyes at the intended areas leaving the unintended areas undyed. Another important factor for demand of our Ajrakh Fabric is that it uses intricate printing blocks to create a web of repetitive designs and patterns.

In the world of technological boom, no one wishes to step outside of their homes and wish to get the best material delivered at their doorsteps. Navyas Fashion does this for you. We, at Navyas Fashion, enable our customers to buy Ajrakh fabric online and deliver the same to our customer’s doorsteps.

A wardrobe without Ajrakh Fabric is an incomplete wardrobe. Do you own an Ajrakh print fabric?

Step in to Navyas Fashion and get the best in class Ajrakh print fabrics delivered at your home!

Ajrakh Fabric

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