Journey with Block Print

India is known for block printing world over since ages. The history of block printing took place in the 18th century, in Rajasthan. Rajasthan continues to offer the finest collection of block printing fabrics.

The process of new blocks takes about 10 to 15 days to complete. The blocks are soaked in oil to soften the grain present in the timber.

Quick Guide to Block Printing:

  • Raw Fabric is washed to remove any starch.
  • After washing, the fabric is gently bleached
  • The blocks for printing are made of teak wood by trained professionals.
  • Coloring takes place in different colors to avoid mixing.
  • The cotton fabric is held tight during the printing process. The fabric is often fastened with pins to avoid wrinkles.
  • The outline of the fabric is printed first and then the whole process takes place by a professional artisan.
  • After the block printing process is complete, the cloth is hung under the sun to dry and prepared for a final wash.

Block printing has a great demand in fabrics, quilts and lot of other products. The light and soft block printed cotton make an amazing choice for the customers. The process of block printing is a task and thus, trained craftsmen do it at a professional level. Once the product reaches its final stage, you will see fresh, vibrant and gorgeous fabrics which can be used for varied purposes.

Glad you enjoyed learning the information related to block printing. If you wish to practically see the process of block printing, we advise you to make a visit to our village in Jaipur.