5 Interesting Facts About Indian Textiles That You Need To Know

Posted: August 29, 2021

What makes India a land of diversity, is the traditional artwork that it has. Be it intricate handwork done on handloom fabrics or natural dyeing, these fabrics have some intensity going on, which makes them an ideal choice, filled with India's rich culture and heritage. Wearing such styles brings in pride, but did you know that these textiles also have a story untold? Here are 5 facts that you need to know Indian textiles. We bet this will add more value to your next shopping experience with Navyas Fashion.

Handloom Fabrics

1- Yes, there are multiple reasons why we feel comfortable wearing a cotton dress but did you know that cotton was not made overnight? The oldest cotton threads in India date back to circa 4000 BC. This was preserved for more than 6000 years and this is a historical fact of India.

2- The same goes for natural dyeing as well. Usually, online handloom fabric that you see is made in eco-friendly hues were also studied and are not the latest experiment. Rather, the oldest fabric that was naturally dyed, goes way back in time to 2500 BC. That's another historic achievement in the Indian textile industry.

3- If you didn't know this, let us also tell you that India overtook the US and became the second-largest producer in the world in the making of cotton, after China. As a nation, India was able to make 5.355 million tonnes of cotton in 2007 which made the US topple. Speaking of China, it was 8.078 million tonnes.

4- In the world of Indian Handloom Fabric, indigo happens to be one of the oldest dyes, that was made with plants. In India, blue indigo is the most prized possession, since India is a home of Indigofera Tinctoria plant that produces an enormous amount of blue dye.

5- Khadi is not a new textile but it came into existence during the British era. The fabric holds utmost importance since it was Mahatama Gandhi who made Khadi a way of living. As years passed, Khadi became even popular. As a fact, two khadi fabrics can never look alike, even if they are of the same colour. This is what makes it exclusive, creating a distinct style, just for you.

6- And lastly, speaking of rayon fabric, the creation of these fibres was man-made and it's been about 100 years since then. Rayon was also the very first fibres, which was made in 1910. It was known as ‘artificial silk’ and one of the most common forms of this fabric is Viscose.

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