Jaipur Rugs Look Beautiful On All Types of Flooring

As we all know, Jaipur Rugs and Carpets do not need any words to define their beauty. Their mesmerizing and unique designs speak themselves. All-over layout of tiny natural motifs such as plants, palmettes, rosettes and leaves in beautiful small and detailed designs carry a flavor of eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Jaipur Rugs are usually designed with a glimpse of dark colors such as brown, grey and black. These rugs are mostly coordinated to suit the western taste and suit almost all types of flooring. Here are some combinations of floorings and Jaipur Rugs from a well known Jaipur Rugs Company- Navyas Fashion:

1. Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring constitutes man-made planks that can be made to look like any type of flooring. They are almost indistinguishable with hardwood flooring and are much cheaper. It doesn't need much care and is easy to maintain. On this kind of flooring, from lighter to darker, all kinds of Jaipur Rugs look beautiful. Whether it is a light colored rug in the first image or a multicolored rug in the second, both look enticingly beautiful. You can buy rugs online at very low price.

2. Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is the best option for the fans of wood. This kind of flooring is made from hardwoods and looks warm and inviting. They have a glow that no other flooring can capture and are much durable. Though this flooring is little expensive but their mesmerizing looks and maintenance compensates it all. For such kind of rich flooring, rich rugs are the choice. The simplicity in the luxurious designs speaks about its richness. Several Jaipur Rugs Company are selling such beautiful jaipur rugs online. These rugs and carpets have a significant background involving several cultures.

3. Tile Flooring

Tiles are manufactured pieces of hard-textured materials. Tiles can be of ceramic, stone, concrete or cork. The biggest advantage of tile flooring is that it comes in huge variations. This type of flooring is water-proof and easy to maintain. Indian Rugs look beautiful on this type of flooring. Tile flooring not only has an advantage to get a floor of one’s color choice, but it gives an advantage of buying carpet online having perfect color and contrast combination, matching well with the floor.

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