Simple Tricks to Maintain Indian Dhurrie Rugs!

It is quite easy to buy something but very difficult to maintain it. Rugs are one of the most expensive home décor items. The rugs and carpets are smart way of adding beauty to the interiors of the home. People research a lot before buying any rug or carpet. And since they invest so much of time and money in purchasing a single piece, the floor coverings are closer to the hearts of the home owners.

Once you buy a rug, it takes lot of time to replace them with the new ones. We understand the feelings of our customers, and that is why we have come up with this blog to help you in maintaining your favourite carpets and cotton rugs for long time. Accidents are not planned and therefore any type of mishap may happen with your rug any time. The technology has opened the numerous ways to wash and clean your carpet within few minutes and dry it off to make it ready to use within an hour. Here are some easy home friendly tips to clean your Indian cotton rugs:

• Spills stain the most: Using carpet cleaner is the best way to deal with the spills but you don’t have one, immediately soak up as much spill as you can with the help of kitchen roll.Warning: don’t rub the stain as it will deepen the liquid into the threads of the cotton rugs.

• Don’t wash Rugs directly: Vacuuming is advised before washing cotton dhurrie rugs. Vacuuming absorbs most of the dirt particles which may get heavy after soaking water, if washed directly. So avoid washing Indian cotton rugs without vacuuming.

• Choose your carpet cleaner wisely: Most of the times, it is very tempting to use new cleaners but experiment may land you in trouble. Cleaning solutions differ from thread to thread. One which suits cotton rugs may not suit wool or silk rug. Use recommended carpet cleaners as they are prone to allergies, and avoid excessive foam formation to protect the threads of your cotton dhurrie.

• Pre-treatment is advisable: In case of heavy or deep stains, it is advisable to pre-treat your rugs with safe stain solutions. Before starting with regular carpet cleaning process, take help of pre-treatment kits to break down any kind of heavy staining.

• Use parallel cleaning:Indian dhurrie rugs are recommended to be cleaned by using parallel overlapping strokes to avoid streaking. For the best results, maintain steadiness in cleaning.

• Wash Regularly: Maintain regular time intervals between the consecutive washings. Even if you vacuum regularly, don’t leave your dhurrie rugs unwashed for long. It will accumulate the dirt particles to its base which will become very difficult to clean later.

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