wholesale carpets

Polyester fabric at NavyasFashion store is convincingly strong, durable, and chemical resistant. One of the advantages to buy these fabrics is that these are wrinkle free. Unlike your cotton clothes that need regular steaming and ironing, you don’t have to worry about taking extra precautions for polyester fabric by the yard. The fabric dries so quickly that most people prefer to wear clothes stitched out of polyester during rainy season. The apparels made from polyester are quite a boon to dry up summer sweat too.

At NavyasFashion online store, you will experience a collection of high quality polyester fabric by the Yard at wholesale rate. In comparison with cotton, polyester stays longer and the quality of the material does not fade even during harsh climatic conditions. With our collection of polyester, we allow you to enjoy the same color and shape over a period of time. Check out the range of colors and prints offered at our online store and turn these to your bedspreads, pillow covers, curtains, carpet covers, and beautiful apparels to wear.

If the thoughts of juice/tea spills or child urine on bed sheets concern you, our polyester fabric has the solution to prevent you from these nightmares. These are highly water resistant and you can turn them into sleeping bags too.

Women are fascinated of sarees made from polyester. These also make amazing dress materials during summers and rainy season. Avail good offers on these today!